*Warning: long rant, read if you want to though*

This game lets you be a dragon for 10 dollars, everyone wants to be a dragon yeah? Me too.

But, you have to pay monthly, work a whole lot to even get to fly as a dragon, not to mention it gets boring after awhile of crafting and breathing fire on your enemies just to get a Right of Passage to become an adult, not to mention paying way more for a lair and property.

Also the graphics aren't so good, i mean if your into some low quality rocks you get stuck on every now and then sure, The animation isn't the best either.

Examples: Really fast unsmooth flying animations, not to mention it glitching sometimes.

Most of the community is really kindhearted and offered help when i tried out the game for a month, i really respect the community but i cant spend money on this game just for friends when i don't genuinely enjoy it
It can be fun playing with good friends at times but at others, not so much.

I really liked this game at one point, around 3 years ago. I wanted to play it and when i finally did my opinion changed a bit, i just could not pay for this game especially when it takes so long to level and get a right of passage etc.

If this game changed a bit on these things i'd pay for it in a heartbeat, but for now i'm gonna have to say this game is a good ol 5.5/10?

If you read this rant all the way, thanks for listening, g'bye.