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    Well it saddens me to see that the spell Volcano is not only changed to an arcane spell but my Healer lost the privilege of using it. I have been using this in combat for years
    Now I am left with Dark Cyclone to kill a group of monsters.
    This spell was not easy to obtain and required a epic quest with a fairly large group to complete. I earned it and it should not have been changed from its original state.
    My rating only allows me to hunt trophies to complete my adventure classes so I have been relying on Multicast and Volcano and Multicast and Dark Cyclone to make it less boring.
    I got to like Ranger and it got nerfed. Then I completed Sorcerer and liked it and it got nerfed.
    If I get time I may try to think of other useful things in this game and post here so they can be nerfed.
    Not happy about this and losing the incentive to carry on with completing my adventure classes.

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    I like to play ranger and I am not happy about losing volcano either. I don't understand the reason for the change, never read a reason for the change for that matter. I figure if you can get the quest done and get volcano, you should be able to use it in any school. Do you forget how to use it because you change schools?
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    Volcano should never have been altered. All the time that has been taken to go through the dralnoks doom questline just to get to the volcano quest and then having to get a good group just to kill a queen with 937k hp for a spell that was considered highly useful in many many classes. This was always gonna cause an upset because almost all hunters use that spell and on behalf of the istarian community wish to request it be reinstated as it was before the change

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    Devs are swayed to agree with your valid points and will be reverted back on Delta 286.
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    Thank you very much Cegaiel that is awesome news!

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    Yes, thank you very much for reverting back
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