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Thread: Tilithia!!! *grumble*

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    Default Tilithia!!! *grumble*

    Your inbox is full...

    How does that even happen anyhow? XD

    Anyhow... since I can't PM it to you.

    You were asking the other day if anyone was going to be transferring to Chaos from Order.

    Did you get the message I'd left for you on Chaos?

    They should have said it came from 'Flycka'.

    If not... empty your inbox. Can't PM you.

    I am considering another transfer to Chaos this week.

    Ri'ta'ra'thi Is'mi'nei: Season 100 ADV/100 CRA/100 BLK(former)/100 LSH/ 1.08 BILLION hoard
    Kytitia Pyrrithia: Unparalleled Rating 206 Saris Sorceror, Rating 234 Crafter

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    Default Re: Tilithia!!! *grumble*

    Sorry about that :S
    Message sent.
    Tempus fugit; aeternitas manet. ~Carpe Diem.~
    "Keep up the good work. It takes effort, but effort brings fulfillment."
    Never forget to appreciate each other and stay UNITED!

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