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Thread: Skype's Tochak Madness [IMAGE HEAVY]

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    It depends which server board I think is which.

    Default Skype's Tochak Madness [IMAGE HEAVY]

    It all began with an innocent screenshot of Mr. Tochak Bonesnapper.

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    Default Re: Skype's Tochak Madness [IMAGE HEAVY]

    It just kept happening.
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    Default Re: Skype's Tochak Madness [IMAGE HEAVY]

    lol that's funny, maybe a bit much but still funny
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    Default Re: Skype's Tochak Madness [IMAGE HEAVY]


    Full view here:

    (Dragon head from Racktor's "Breakthrough" comic series Rackie . Link)

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    Default Re: Skype's Tochak Madness [IMAGE HEAVY]

    Send help XD

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    Death points are temporary, Glory is forever!
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