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Thread: Expanded Use of Gradients

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    Question Expanded Use of Gradients

    So I got around to trying out the new Gradient style dragon decal, and I had a thought. Would there be a way to maybe make a seperate option for Gradient decals and possibly be able to use both the normal marking decals and gradients? Similar to how the Dryad race has fades as well as designs on their bodies. One could choose to have a color gradient, a normal marking decal, or even both.

    This could add a whole new dimension to customisation if possible, especially if we can implement different style gradients! (Half and half, just legs, head fading into body, "sable" style, etc etc.)

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    It's certainly a thought, but from what I understand, the biggest issue right now with adding a new 'layer' or customization style on any character requires a huge database update to current characters. Solitaire said it better here:
    Quote Originally Posted by Solitaire View Post
    It is possible. Before I left working on the game I was working with this idea. It would have changed the colors of both the wings and the fins. There are some considerations that go along with it that have to be taken into account. You can't modify the existing characters in the game. There would need to be a lot of modifications made system and database side on the characters to keep that from happening.

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