I pop in every now and then, check for my alt "Lecta". I'm looking for discontinued items (check below) - and I don't care if it's still useful or not, I may want it for preservation, adding informations to the Lexica, hoarding and simple fun.

Up for trade:
Veteran Dark Garnet Weapon Crystal
Ardent Beveled Stone
Ardent Rough-cut Stone
Freezing Beveled Stone
Glowing Beveled Stone
Glowing Rough-cut Stone
Shimmering Beveled Stone

Beginner Ambrosia
Journeyman Ambrosia
Beginner Festival Candies
Beginner Festival Fireworks
Journeyman Festival Fireworks
Journeyman Roasted Chicken
Journeyman Vegetable Soups

Medallion of the Gifted
Akhanis: Pendant of the Tormented Soul
Akhanis: Ring of the Tormented Soul
Arghal: Pendant of the Flameslinger
Asfendhia: Ring of the Mind's Eye
Kodess: Earring of Pure Energy
Lars Zantus: Earring of Crushing
Tareviel: Band of Piercing
Tareviel: Choker of Piercing
Turble: Earring of Summoner's Song
Turbe: Pendant of the Summoner's Song

Elixir of Saris Spirit

Aelia's Cudgel
Mace of Divine Intervention
The Rancor
The Zealot

I'm looking for:
Arghal: Earring of the Flamesinger
Journeyman Beef Kabobs
Journeyman Chicken Soups
Journeyman Fish Jerky
Journeyman Fish Soups
Journeyman Gruok Kabobs
Journeyman Mutton Kabobs
Journeyman Mutton Soups
Journeyman Roasted Venison
Journeyman Venison Kabobs
... and lots of other old formulas, techs, fluff, weapons...