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Thread: Advantages (or not) of multiclassing dragon-craft skills?

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    Question Advantages (or not) of multiclassing dragon-craft skills?

    Alright, so school me, if you will, on dragon-craft school multiclassing.

    If I have a level 100 dragoncrafter, and I turn him into a crystalshaper, does he retain all of his previous capabilites (such as the ability to make scales as though at 100)?

    I tend to like to have alts, and any reasons (or excuses) for those alts is all I need. So, my first impulse is to spread the three dragon craft schools out over three dragons. Like I said, it's reason enough for me to have more than one dragon. Don't even ask me about the mess that is my biped list of alts.

    However, would spreading dragon-craft classes out be to my detriment? I know you gain attributes per level of dragoncrafter; does this apply only to your highest school (if you're crafting-multiclassed)? Or, do you gain those 5 points in each attribute for the other schools as well? I can't imagine this is the case, but if it is, it seems like I'd be doing my dragon(s) a disservice by not concentrating my craft leveling on only one dragon, rather than spreading it out among three (I can't even imagine doing all three classes more than once). Again though, that would be a lot of attribute points, so I'd be surprised if it works cumulatively like that. Is it even possible to do, for that matter?

    Any and all info and experience is appreciated!

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    Default Re: Advantages (or not) of multiclassing dragon-craft skills?

    Just like biped craft classes, there's nothign bad you gain from multiclassing crafting.

    Yes, you can still craft t5 scales and such as a lv4 crystalshaper (though you won't get xp for that).

    It helps to craft mutliclass - being a maxed out dragon crafter makes thigns like lodestones easier to make as a lairshaper...and being 100 lairshaper helps crystalshaper with being optimum with processing azulyte.

    While you could technically spread all the schools out across 3 alts, it'd be really annoying to level up.

    You are correct, you only gain attributes/stats from your highest school, and this applies to craft too.

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    Default Re: Advantages (or not) of multiclassing dragon-craft skills?

    Multiclassing dragon crafting also allows you to get your craft rating higher which is needed I do believe to use the highest disks.

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    Default Re: Advantages (or not) of multiclassing dragon-craft skills?

    Is there even one disadvantage to multiclassing crafting on a dragon? If there is, I've missed it entirely. Leveling dragon crafter, lairshaper, and crystalshaper (particularly in that order) only makes things easier for yourself. Dragon crafter will make processing materials like stone, essence, gems, and metal easier so you don't have to gather as much for making your LSH materials, and then LSH gives you crystalshaping skill so if it's leveled up fairly high by the time you start crystalshaper, then you'll have a very easy way to level crystalshaper: just make tons of the highest tier of focused azulyte that you can craft.

    Spreading out the craft classes seems... a bit counterintuitive to me, you do need a certain DCRA level before you can even join lairshaper and then you need lairshaper leveled past a certain point to start crystalshaper. It's easier to just focus on one crafter so your skills from other schools help you out in leveling other schools.

    And yes, attribute gains are based on what school is currently giving you the most. For example: if you've got a school that's giving 8 strength/level at level 60 (giving you 480 strength) then you won't see a further increase unless you A) level that school more or B) level another school that gives more strength/level past the point where it'd give you 480 strength.

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    Default Re: Advantages (or not) of multiclassing dragon-craft skills?

    Thanks all for your input so far. Gives me a much better idea as to where I'd like to go with my characters.

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    Default Re: Advantages (or not) of multiclassing dragon-craft skills?

    I don't think much has changed since I did my leveling & crafting long before the crystal shaper school was added in whatever year... lol
    Remember this "Dragon Crafter" levels are where you gain the "Scale Slots" as your level increases.
    So if you do not have dragon crafter to 90 you do not have all your scale slots.
    Once you have your scale slots you do not loose them.
    Having all your scale slots to fill with tech'd scales helps with "Adventure" leveling, and crafting.

    I think currently I have "6" full sets of tech'd scales for different crafting and hunting.
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    Default Re: Advantages (or not) of multiclassing dragon-craft skills?

    It's also kinda important to note...

    Istaria hates hatchlings...

    You wouldn't be able to get Crystalshaper until you were at least adult and level 80+ anyhow... >.>

    Not going to rant here, but just figured I'd give you fair warning...

    Can't possibly see having three dragons, one in Crafter, one in LSH, and one in CRS myself.

    I'd just do it all on one (if I were even willing to do CRS that is), but because of the bias against hatchies, I refuse to do it on ANY dragons I own.

    I'll just torture Machaeon for crystals

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