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    wellhard wilson

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    Think its about time we all got together and built a vault that would be open to the community, ATM there are 4 planned vaults - all in the very early stages of construction.

    Can we use this post to deside which to concentrate on, for the benefit of all.

    Wellhard Wilson

    Dwarfen Lvl 100 Bzkr/Hlr
    and various craft schools

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    The one on my plot will be open to all. I was not sure about the others in the settlement which is why I started it.

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    Selen sounds like an pretty good place to live in :)

    Are there still some plots left? Whats the price around there?


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    The vault on my plot is now completed and open to EVERYONE.

    I would like to thank everyone from my guild (Legion of the Golden Dawn), Wellhard, and anyone else who helped to build it [:)]

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