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Thread: Adoptions/Friends?

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    Talking Adoptions/Friends?

    Hey everybody! I'm a returning player here, and I just recently bought a new computer and have returned to Istaria! I created a new hatchling and something just felt missing. Some friends. When I last played I had a small group that I did everything with, from Skalkaar to The Rift. And I'm looking for something similar. I don't care if you're an ancient, adult, or hatchling like myself. If you're on the Order shard and want to go through the awesome (and totally edited since I last played) land of Istaria with me, messaage Kiryin Cheers, and I hope that I'll see you guys around!

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    Fandangoooooo -chews on-

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    o: Welcome back Fandango!

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    I think I remember you, but not sure. Anyway, welcome back!

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