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Thread: (Chaos) Brood of Aegis is back!

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    Default (Chaos) Brood of Aegis is back!

    Brood of Aegis was a very active and helpful guild around 2011-2013 with me as the Guildmistress, I was known as Kirya back then and I've played since Alpha of Istaria back when it was known as Horizons or some such

    Anyway I'm hoping to rebuild the once very active guild and hope we can get back to what we once were!!

    Brood of Aegis will be a mostly dragon guild with naka 'familiars' being your alts or friends, I hope to have this guild very active in new RoP's and hosts of hunting parties throughout Istaria. Farming is very boring solo

    We're looking for Dragons and Naka alike who are or want to be active in this aspect, I want people that are both crafting and adventure oriented that will help new players and stock Consigners around Istaria as well as saving and eventually buying a guild plot if/when one becomes available.

    As I'm the only current member in this guild aside from my alts, I'm welcoming anyone who's interested in helping with recruitment, officer status etc Feel free to respond here or bump into me in Istaria!! My usual hangouts are Kion, New Trismus, and Dralk
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    Default Re: (Chaos) Brood of Aegis is back!

    Are ya still looking?

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