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    Hello, Order.

    I'm a recent arrival on your fair server, having played off and on since beta on Shadow, then Chaos, then Blight.

    I notice that there are some silos in Nuthala that are open to the public. Are these open for anyone to use temporarily? I'll be doing quite a bit of sandstone and bronze work there for a while, and being able to use a silo temporarily would help

    Is that allowed?

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    Absolutely allowed yep! In most situations, if you can access the storage then it's free to use.

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    If you open a public storage (silo or the field shop storage) and theres stuff there already its nice to leave alone at least for a day or more. The owner may be in the process of moving in stages to their plot.

    Alot of times if its not raw resources you can id it and will have name of person that made them on it.

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