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Thread: Adventure Classes completed!

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    Default Adventure Classes completed!

    Hi All,

    Happy to say Scramjet has just completed all his adventure classes today!
    Many of the classes were fun to level and a few others were slow and boring but are needed for their abilities to work with other adventure classes.
    Many of the abilities can be used with other adventure classes which makes it a lot more fun when leveling. Helps you stay alive a lot longer when fighting tough mobs.
    I would like to thank the many guildies (Scions) who have grouped with me and had fun fighting mobs. Thinking back we had some awesome times! Lots of laughs when something weird would happen lol.
    I would also like to thank the many friends I have met while grouping to do battle with many large mobs. You all are great people.
    Now that I have completed all the adventure classes, and of course all the craft classes which I done quite some time ago. I plan to catch up on many of the quests that I have and try some of the new quests in Istaria.
    There is still plenty to do in Istaria after you have completed every class on a character

    BTW, I have also finished today the last craft class on my dragon. So he is also complete. I really enjoyed leveling the adventure class and the craft classes on my dragon. They are not near as boring as some of the biped craft classes lol.

    I am doing my "Happy Dance" today

    See you all in Istaria!


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    Default Re: Adventure Claases completed!

    Congratulations !
    Death points are temporary, Glory is forever!
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    Default Re: Adventure Claases completed!

    Thank you very much

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    Default Re: Adventure Claases completed!

    Wooo!! Congrats! That's a great achievement

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    Default Re: Adventure Claases completed!

    HUZZAH SCRAMJET!!!!!!!!! :-D

    *debates whether or not to serve klava in celebration as scramjet apparently does not need it, then just passes around Granny Nuffle's Festival Punch*

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    Default Re: Adventure Claases completed!

    You're one of the big ones now! Congrats!

    See ya ingame

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    Default Re: Adventure Claases completed!

    joins the happydance*

    Very well done- and BIG GRATS!!!
    Thats really something.

    *gives a special"Scram only" purple wingwave*
    YOU told me to play a dragon! [SIGPIC][/SIGPIC]

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    Default Re: Adventure Claases completed!

    Thank you very much

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    Default Re: Adventure Classes completed!

    Congrats buddy. Well done!! Few months late in seeing this or noticing ingame I see.

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