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    I noticed that most of the links to download the original ancient mod were taken down or expired. Luckily, I still have the files installed in my mod folder and I was able to grab all of them and pack them into a neat little file for you guys! Sadly, I forgot who originally posted this mod.

    Download here

    Extract the folder and copy over all the files into your resources_override folder.
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    Could you describe some more details on the mod, please? What does it change, etc?

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    The original mod, in the first stickied post under Dragons, still has good links:

    The mod has had 2 minor updates where I took out an old commands_player.def that added setscale, and one old file that added a new casting animation. This is the version that should be used.

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    Ohh! Ok thanks Guaran! I couldn't find a link to the download anywhere, so I thought all the links were gone.
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