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Thread: An in-Lore reason idea for the forums and the screenshots/videos

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    Default An in-Lore reason idea for the forums and the screenshots/videos

    The gnomes invented camera phones! And the internet (or would that be magic-net?) Sort of. It just seems like something they would do. I picture everybody having these little phones, maybe with beetle wings. But all they can do is fly around, take pictures, record video, and upload stuff to the forum. The gnomes only had time to create one website (the Roleplay part of the forums) before they had to move on to other things. So they also didn't have time to figure out how to make the phones able to call or text other phones. And to get a signal, they use the portals like we use cell towers.

    What do you guys think? Too crazy even for gnomes? This just popped into my head the other day and I thought it might be funny.

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    Default Re: An in-Lore reason idea for the forums and the screenshots/videos

    Maybe start off by inventing tecnology into that direction? Computers existed long before the internet too hehe.

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