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    Default [RAID] - Natural Disturbances

    “I’m sick of these blasted wolves!” The door slams open as if to accent the exasperated words. A very frustrated and tired looking Ranger stands in the doorway, the fading daylight making him a simple silhouette. His bow is slung sloppily over his shoulder and his armor is riddled with claw marks from enemies that came a little too close.

    The owner of the house turns from his desk, crumpling a piece of parchment that now has a very sloppy quill scratch across it from the other man’s sudden entrance. “Didn’t you once send some poor Gifted souls against a few various wolf packs? Maybe this is revenge,” the man says airily, waving a hand dismissively. Even in the dark it was clear that he is older than most of the citizens of the Empire of Istaria.

    The Ranger stiffens, then sighs. “I’m tired of your jokes, father. We need help - Mithril’s Anvil can only hold off these wolves for so long. We might not be Dralk or Harro, but we still are important!” He rants on, stomping around the small house. After a bit of pacing, he drops down into a chair and begins to pull off his armor.

    The old man remains mostly silent. For a while, only the scratch of quill on parchment and the clicks and clanks of unfastened armor. “Haven’t you sent a formal request for extra guards for the settlement? After all, it’s not empty here,” the old man finally says.

    “I told you, father, I have; twice! I’ve always got the same reply. ‘We are sorry, but our resources are stretched thin with the recent advancements of the Withered Aegis. The Imperial Army cannot justify sending part of our forces to defend a small settlement against wolves. Perhaps the local Gifted could be of use to you in the meantime.’ Blah blah blah!” An innocent wristband flies across the room. The Ranger sighs and buries his face in his hands.

    Again, his father is simply silent. Howls begin to pierce the air as the sun sets beneath the rim of the world and the moon shows the beginnings of its silvery glow. It’s going to be another long night. Giving up on talking to his father, the Ranger decides to just lay down instead.

    By the time he rouses, it’s pitch black. He must’ve fallen asleep without dinner… again. But what woke him? He sits up straight, listening to the now-familiar howls in the distance. He’s since learned to sleep through those.

    A knock sounds at the door. The Ranger jumps up out of bed and pulls the front door open swiftly, holding a dagger tightly in his left hand just to be safe. An officer of the Imperial Army stands in the doorway straight and tall, eyeing the dagger cautiously.

    “Sir, we request your assistance. I believe you were the one who sent in the reports of wolves terrorizing this settlement?” The man asks, turning out to be an elf as the Ranger’s eyes adjusted to the darkness. What was an elf doing all the way out here?

    Tired and rather grumpy for having his sleep interrupted, the Ranger snaps a reply. “Yes, what is it? Spare me the details - is this a personal apology for not wanting to send anyone to help us?”

    The elf, blinking, shakes his head. “No, sir. We should have taken you more seriously. The attacks have spread - Mithril’s Anvil is no longer the only one with an issue. Harro has recently been attacked in the night by hordes of wolves vaguely from this region. White- and red-furred wolves have been clawing on the doors of the residents. The treants have been restless in the forest. Some even claim they were walking alongside the foreign wolves in the night.”

    The Ranger is momentarily at a loss for words. “What does this have to do with me?” He stammers out after a while.

    “You’ve been dealing with this issue for a while. Your knowledge might be helpful to stave off these wolves, if not the treants,” he explains, then adds after a short pause, less formally: “I wouldn’t come banging on your door in the middle of the night if there wasn’t a serious issue. These wolves aren’t just wolves from other regions; some are half-dead and rotting. We believe something bad might be happening deep in the forests. We need every hand we can get.”

    The Ranger stares once more, then straightens up and salutes the officer. “Let me get my bow.”

    When: Saturday, the 1st of October at 7:00pm CEST/1:00pm EST/10:00am PST
    (Timezone not listed? Use this converter.)
    Where: Mithril’s Anvil and Harro, at first.
    Goal: Find the source and stop the attacks.

    Notes: There’s some new mechanics here at play, so this raid may not play out as long as the previous ones. However, it will be largely self-guided; hints will be given as to the source of these attacks, but it’s up to you to uncover the whereabouts.

    Do not be discouraged by the initial lack of Blight. There won’t be any shortage of rewards. Gaileach still works on cracking the mystery of the portal cores in Aughundell, as well! She has not been forgotten.

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    Default Re: [RAID] - Natural Disturbances

    Summary of Events

    As howls raised through the air, the Gifted gathered near the Mithril's Anvil landing pad, preparing to defend the city.

    The first wave struck with over a hundred wolves amongst Mithril's Anvil, swarming the various Gifted, but they were no match for the claws of the dragons and the swords and arrows of the bipedal races! They fell as swiftly as they came. However, in the meantime, Harro was facing the wrath of the wolf packs as well! Gifted hurried over there the instant Mithril's Anvil was declared safe and faced the ocean of wolf pelts...

    As the packs fell, Mani stepped out of the shadows, howling his dismay. The well-known wolf charged the Gifted! But he, too, fell, despite the rush of adrenaline powering his unnatural strength. With Harro cleared, the Gifted moved out to search for the rest of nature's enraged subjects. It wasn't too long before a pack of undead wolves was found outside the city, but these were dispatched after some initial struggles. Fanning out again, the Gifted searched far and wide for the next bunch.

    The next group was found as in the form of treants attacking the Imperial Outpost! The Gifted quickly burned these living pieces of wood to the ground. Victory did not come that easy - Thornwood Treants backed up the assault, led by Thistleface himself. A few of the defenders fell at his deadly bough whips, but eventually, they were victorious.

    Further down the path, the Gifted found a group of reinforcements for the treants mixed in with some Gruoks. No match for the flame breaths of the dragons!

    As the Gifted neared the Selen Forest, they noticed something was wrong... no longer were they fighting nature, but instead, they were going head-to-head with ghosts. This couldn't be a good sign! They dispatched these Aegis scum, moving deeper into the woods, killing anything out of the ordinary. It wasn't long before they ran across a Greater Blight Anchor! No wonder these animals and constructs were so enraged - one of the older forests of the land was being infected with the dirty tendrils of Blight!

    The Gifted turned their claws on this dreadful thing, knocking it down. In its last moments, it served as a small portal connected to the deadlands, bringing forth Daknor to try and push away the Gifted. Alas, he, too, fell, but the day was not yet won...

    Over the hilltop came a massive ancient wolf, his body riddled with scars and his eyes mad with the touch of the Aegis' influence. He saw the Gifted standing where the infection began and attacked without mercy...

    Lots of fighting and death points later, the old wolf finally fell, letting the Gifted claim their victory over not only the Blight, but also the wrath of nature!

    Thank you all for participating! This was certainly a fun one for me. I hope you all enjoyed yourselves as well

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