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    An adventurer storms into the Dalimond tavern, his face pale as snow. As he takes a seat several patrons notice the wounds riddling his body and quickly run out to get Aelia .

    The young man slowly regains his composure and looks at the crowd that now surrounds him and are eager to hear his tale, though he beckons Gus Blalock for an ale first, the strongest in the tavern preferably.

    After taking a few sips the adventurer finally begins to retell his story.

    "W-wolves...two of them.."

    An awkward silence falls, untill Trienna burst out in laughter.

    "Wolves?! Two of them even? BWAHAha, I'm not sure I would rest here then young man, the rats in the cellar might be the end of you!"

    Though quick scowls from both the adventurer and the tavernkeeper silence Trienna's jeering.

    "They weren't your average mountain wolves...tall as a house with teeth long as a half-giant's arm"

    Several of the half-giant patrons respond by lifting their arm in front of them, a grim expression decorating their faces as a few gasp.

    "One a coat as red as blood, the other seemingly frozen in its hide"

    A young dryad flutters closer to the spectacle.

    "And you tried to take them on?"

    Smirking the adventurer replies.

    "No, all I tried was getting away...though that only fared me so well. Large as a house they may be, but they're as nimble as a fox. As I ran through the forest they were never but a mere feet away from me, their breath burning in my back and wounds."

    Swiftly Marie Annis leaps to her feet "You fool, you led them here! and we've only just recovered from the previous hound that ravaged our homes!!"

    "Don't worry, as soon as I reached the edge of the forest they lost all interest in me and returned deep within the heart of the woods, it seems there's something precious to them in those woods"

    As the dryad once more raises her voice she asks a single question "Which woods would that be?"

    "Not far from here, the Dark Forest, rarely see a wolf in there." the adventurer replies.

    Before he can add more Aelia storms into the tavern, equipment and spells at the ready, and urges everyone to make way so she can tend to the wounds.


    As the young dryad leaves the gates of Dalimond a faint golden glow surrounds her.

    Adventurers' Guide:
    • Hati is strong and bites fiercely, only the best heals will suffice.
    • Skoll might not have the sharpest fangs and claws, but his winter's chill freezes to the bone. Watch out for debuffs!
    • Though each is a wolf and fights like one, don't expect to only get hit physically, strange magics surround both wolves.
    • Each will focus a random player in intervals, make sure to not let the wolves get near each other as they will get stronger the closer they get. But don't lead them too far away either or they'll lose interest.
    • If gifted fall nearby either of the wolves they get a slight buff. This buff resets upon a full wipe.
      • a full wipe occurs when no living players are nearby the wolves anymore, and they will slowly regain health.

    • When one witnesses its sibling's death it will grow more relentless in its attacks and will lose all focus.

    When: around 8pm CEST, October 9th. 2pm EST, 11am PDT
    Another timezone? use This Converter.
    Where: The Dark Forest
    - The start will be announced in global and marketplace.
    - Raid chat will be created for coordination. '[RAID] - Of Fire and Ice'
    - This will be of a slightly different format than previous raids, in that it is a boss raid, which focus more on tactics.

    (art will come soon)
    The schedule might be tight, but there is always time.

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    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *bounces of walls in excitement*
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    The schedule might be tight, but there is always time.

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    Awsome! Count me in!

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    Nowhere near Slayvite's Lair i can tell you that. He has Ranch sauce instead of shampoo.

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    Hmm...yes I see you got the wolves sorted....*gulps*
    Guess I Sindala better dust off the old Healer suit for this one.

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    *Rushes all over the place gathering the crystals and potions* I will be there

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    Now if you will excuse me, I need to polish my scales and sharpen my claws

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    Dawwwwh doggies.

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    I could bring my hatchie for this one, but my current armor sucks.

    Also I see what you did there with their names... Nice!

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