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Thread: Dragon tavern.

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    Default Dragon tavern.

    I heard is possible to build dragon tavern in game,but no one tried before or just no one knew.That could be good idea cuz shrinking every time before entering to (biped) tavern is little annoing,als if someone just not want transform into humanoid form like me

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    Yes! But only tier 2 at the moment.

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    Thats since the NT update i think. I wanted to add one to my lair but back then it messed up my lair. Like after adding it i wasnt able to add murals over the whole lair and other stuff.

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    I have one planned but it's too far down in my lair to be practical to be honest, but I'll build it anyways lol.

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    if it is not possible to create a single-storey cave
    I saw one such cave on the island of memory.

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    Would be great to have all tiers of taverns, right now its not really usefull. I build my just so i can name it xD unfortunately name is visible only with dev mode on

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    Alright,sounds like better create biped tavern's and shrinking itself for entering,about to close

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    just came back to game and building a new dragon lair. Does the tavern work now? I left shortly after the option was added and at that time it was not working. Messed up a friend's lair and he had to remove it
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    It works but you have to enter a certain area of the tavern to get the tavern it's still kind of buggy a bit.

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