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Thread: Spell: Stun V Can we get it?

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    Default Spell: Stun V Can we get it?

    As the title says.

    I was going through my spells and techniques today and I noticed that the spell technique Stun V was conspicuously missing.
    after asking around and looking at HCC, it appears the technique was never added. This is the only major Tier V spell technique that appears to be missing. Can we have it please?

    While i'm on the topic of absent spell techniques, how about Cleanse IV and Cleanse V?
    We currently only have one other means of cleansing hostile effects (Detoxify self/Detoxify other).
    I understand why higher tiers of Heal recycle were removed, but cleanse doesn't seem like it would be game breaking.
    Unless that previously existed and went away with the Heal Recycles due to abuse.

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    S I G N !!!

    its about time- and its more than fair if you consider what mobs cast on us nowadays.
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    Default Re: Spell: Stun V Can we get it?

    ^^ I agree

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    Don't see why not, now that the stun has a brief immunity to stuns.

    However they might want to test it first, see how it works in comparison to Stun IV (which has only been around for a few years).

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    The only difference between Stun IV and Stun V would be a higher % chance for the effect to Proc. Given the huge number of other stun effects that we can use that all have a 100% chance to proc (if the attack hits), this shouldn't be any kind of issue.

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    Stun V, Cleanse IV, V
    I'm all in, great idea Garrick.

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    These will be available as part of the next update
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