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Thread: [EVENT/RAID] - Into the Darkness

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    Default [EVENT/RAID] - Into the Darkness

    “With all due respect, Lord-Commander,” the black and red dragon began, his slit eyes drilling into the human’s much smaller ones. “We can’t keep letting ourselves be humiliated like this. We dragons didn’t allow ourselves to fight alongside the naka’duskael just to become a punching bag for the undead.” Temerac rested his claws on the map in front of the human. As accurate as an adult dragon can, he points to a few spots on the map.

    “We have to lead a charge back against them and let them know we are not to be trifled with. Maybe we’ll discover some more of their research in the process; Gaileach is as stumped as any of us as to the Aegis’ connection to the rift. We don’t even know which of their factions is doing this!” He bares his teeth, the frills on his head lifting.
    Lord-Commander Jatell simply strokes his chin in thought. Temerac has always been a hot-headed fellow and his threats were usually always hollow - at least to him, anyway. He wasn’t sure how immune any subordinates would be to Temerac’s frustrations.

    “Temerac, we can’t simply charge blindly into the Eastern Deadlands; that’s suicide! We need some sort of plan,” Jatell retorts, frustration creeping into his voice. Technically, the Empire never has to fight back; they have been holding off the assaults thus far. Morale, however, has been running low from the repeated beatings and the close call with the Blight Anchor digging its rot into the Selen Forest. The Gifted are restless and the Empire itself is on edge.

    Temerac is no different. He keeps staring down Jatell, having little care to their vast difference between their ranks. Who cares about insubordination when you’re nearly three times as tall as your commander with teeth the size of his hand? “Exactly. So we make a plan. What are you waiting for? Another attack? Another near loss? I don’t want more surprise attacks.”

    Jatell presses his fingertips together and draws a deep breath. Patience is a virtue. “What do you suggest, Temerac? Do you have any plans of your own that could be viable?”

    The dragon sits and stares for a moment, as if caught off guard. He grits his teeth and grunts a short ‘no’. “But I might know who does,” he grins, teeth gleaming. “The Gifted have been on the frontlines for the longest time against this fight. They may know the best tactics in this situation, not us, who have been stuck in these camps and forward bases.
    “Reklar is one of those undead grunts’ leaders, right? No, no, not the highest leaders like the Lich King - he’s a general. He might know something about their plans. Why don’t we ask the Gifted to pay him a visit, hm?”

    Jatell considers this for some time before sighing. “Alright, fine, ask the Gifted to interrogate Reklar - a blighted monster about ten stories tall. See what kind of response you get. In the meantime, I’ll concoct a real plan to strike bac-”

    The black tail just barely misses Jatell’s chest, knocking the desk with the map over as the frustrated sergeant whips around to stomp back towards his post by the gates.

    The Lord-Commander sighs. He’ll get over it. Moving to right his desk and recover his map, he makes a mental note to figure out a way to reprimand the grumpy lizard.

    When: Saturday, the 15th of October at 8:00pm CEST/2:00pm EST/11:00am PST
    (Timezone not listed? Use this converter.)
    Where: Begins at the Eastern Outpost.
    Goal: Depends on the decisions of the Gifted.

    Details: The Gifted are also done with being humiliated and attacked in their homes! In the beginning, the Gifted are given the choice to converse and decide between a few plans of action. They may choose to try to get information from Reklar, capture an Aegis researcher (whereabouts unknown), or escort a Gifted researcher into the deadlands to find more possible explanations for the portals and the branching out of the Aegis. The Gifted may also try and propose their own plan of action to trump all others.

    Whichever route they choose, they may lead themselves into the deadlands to try and accomplish their goal. Of course, this will not be easy nor will the path be perfectly clear - watch for hints and cryptic directions given out by the environment!

    Who knows what may lie in wait beyond those black blighted borders...

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    I like those short descriptions-always a pleasure to read ^^ + a complimenting illustration. (I cant imagine how many failed screenshots that has to take lol)

    Those raids,Liseths and yours,together with conclusions could be made into some real illustrated book.....
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    Default Re: [EVENT/RAID] - Into the Darkness

    Sweet, sounds fun! Can't wait

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    Default Re: [EVENT/RAID] - Into the Darkness

    This sounds awesome! I'll do my best to try and make it 8o
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    Wont make it here. My dragon is too small anyway but i want to hear an exact repot k? XD

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    We started out being greeted by Kreetir:

    After this we set off in search of a Withered Aegis researcher. We encountered many Aegis, and an Empowered Guardian attempted to stop us..

    Once he was defeated, we pressed on. This didn't end well:

    Finally after defeating Valkor, we found the Researcher:

    He sparsely answered our queries, and eventually tired of us, and attacked. We didn't let that stand:

    We pressed on, on the lookout for "The Great Silver" that was one of the few bits of information we got out of the Researcher. We encounteed an Anchor, Son of Gigaroth, and then found The Great Silver among the adamantium golems:

    After questioning the Great Silver, Ardus showed up:

    The fight was long but we were victorious. Sarsilas summed up the days events, and we finally took time to rest:

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    Istaria at its finest.

    What an evening!! More than 4 h riddles, surprises, attacs and more.
    And a well thought storyline


    Thank you very much Sars for that event. And for all the time you spend to prepare it.
    And your patience with us when we `ve been a bit slow^^
    YOU told me to play a dragon! [SIGPIC][/SIGPIC]

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    OOOh nice! So npcs randomly turning into momb? Cool!
    Hope we see that n Chaos events too

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    Default Re: [EVENT/RAID] - Into the Darkness

    I'm very glad to hear you all enjoyed yourselves so much It was a hard one to manage going hither and tither, but it's certainly worth it seeing people so pleased!

    Guaran, thank you for your screenshots and recap. I ended up not taking many myself, sadly.

    Summary of Events

    Kreetir awaited to greet the Gifted in the Eastern Outpost. There were certainly a great lot that heeded this call! Hopefully all might end well?

    He described to the Gifted present that they, in the end, decide between the three plans - interrogate Reklar, capture/interrogate an Aegis researcher, or bring he himself into the Deadlands to do some research of their own. Initially, the crowd was leaning towards interrogating Reklar, but then a Saris Ranger spoke out against it, claiming he could easily figure out they were coming and either flee or refuse to speak. Most changed their minds after this, deciding to try to find and capture a researcher.

    Kreetir points out the Barrier Vale - all places of interest so far have been in the far east of the Eastern Deadlands and this is one of the few places the Gifted had yet to be pulled to. Then, without delay, he sends them off.

    As the Gifted delve into the Deadlands, they are met with hastily drawn together defense forces as the Aegis catch on. From rangers to dragons to Thornwood Treants, the Gifted crush them all and keep pushing onward.

    At the very entrance to Barrier Vale stood a large ghostly dragon, blocking their path and demanding no entry. Attempts at conversation were met with the same repeated sentence - "DO... NOT... PASS...". Hopeless, the Gifted decide to put the creature out of its misery instead of letting it stand and suffer such a fate.

    Pushing onward, the group ends up at the gates to Barrier Vale, where they see a large Elf zombie standing in front. Knowing their target when they see him, they pursue the swift zombie only to run into crowds of undead dragons and phantom mages plaguing the valley. Many of the Gifted warriors fall here again and again, but eventually, they persevere.

    Facing the researcher head-on, the Gifted strike him until he's unable to fight back... with his own hands. He calls in Valkor, who makes quick work of the stacked group with his Vampiric Bats. The Gifted regroup and strike back after careful planning and take him out. They corner the researcher again and demand answers.

    All this grunt can tell them is how the Aegis are studying the magical fields that connect the Realms together. The Realm of None - also known as the Rift - was the first to be tested. Of course, the Gifted stole the power source that connects portals to this realm, ruining the headway they once had. Little else of use is recovered from this undead; after some more prodding questions, he snaps and attacks the Gifted around him. He is crushed by their overwhelming might pretty quickly, falling down as dead as an undead can be.

    One of the Gifted - a powerful hatchling primalist - insists on taking the body back to her own lair for study and interrogation, if possible. She claims to have sent her Wyvern back to retrieve it and bring it to her lair. Whether she gets to keep it very long is unknown, considering the Empire would very much like that body back to resurrect it for their own interrogation purposes...

    As the grunt fell, he proclaimed allegiance to a new name - "the Great Silver" - and named a location. Alerted, the Gifted swiftly fly and run to the new area, where they do, indeed, find a rather large blight dragon. From its eyes, the Gifted seemed very small indeed...

    The large dragon spoke in riddles, but what was gleaned is that it was once a dragoness in life and did not fall to Aegis control very, very long ago. The name "the Great Silver" is just a nickname forced onto her. Some Gifted shied away from this, not wanting to fight or speak to someone once one of their own living ranks not so long ago, but they didn't have to deal with her for long - she faded off into the blackness, leaving behind a Greater Anchor, Son of Gigaroth, and echoing laughter in her place.

    After these fell, they were supplemented by a large Bioscholar who felled half of the team a few times before finally being taken out after a grueling battle. With this, silence fell, and the Gifted knew there was nothing left for them in this dark, desolate place.

    While they know more than they did when they started, one can't help but feel there are big pieces of the puzzle missing here. Namely, the reasons why the Aegis have started to branch out after so long and why they have become active again after such a long stalemate. As well the question lingers... who is or was this riddle-speaking figure in the shadows?

    Important note: In the week after the next, there will be no raid on Order. The schedule will continue as if there was, however, as there is going to be a large event held on Blight for all to attend. Gather up your hoard, Gifted, but keep it safe in your inventory. This is going to be something never seen before...
    [Any rewards gained on Blight will be transferred to your main characters on the live servers!]

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