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    Wink Poems...

    How many times must I rebuild my plot,
    forever and ever again. I have done this so
    many times I can’t even count, It seems that it
    never will end. This shop looks good here oh
    wait never mind, I think I should move it over
    there. I like the way this flooring looks against this
    wall, but the wall just doesn’t match my new mill.
    I planted a tree oh how nice it does look, but now I
    can’t open my shop. The tree is so big it’s just a big pain,
    I’ll have to go smaller than planned. Oh I finally have finished,
    my plot is so sweet, I love it and love it for now….Oh gawd I just noticed
    I’m missing a shop and a new bigger plot would be grand. How
    many times must I rebuild my plot, forever and ever…AGAIN!
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