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Thread: You know what makes me happiest about being in Istaria again?

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    Thumbs up You know what makes me happiest about being in Istaria again?

    There's actually a list. I'm sharing it because I want the devs to feel exactly what I'm feeling and I know I can deliver that because, well, words are kind of my thing.

    In no particular order:

    - Sunrise from atop the ridge of Chiconis.

    - The first time you hear a hatchling roar (Expectation crashes into wall of reality, agreement and then laughter ensues, of COURSE a hatchling would mewl/squeak. But THEY don't know that, right?)

    - The first time you hear that death audio... you don't understand immediately that you died. Not until the animation kicks in and you watch in stomach-clenched annoyance as your beautiful little hatchling deflates like a birthday balloon a week after the party.

    Those were my "first impressions" in 2003. You have given them to me again, in 2016. THAT is what makes me happiest.

    I wouldn't be having the delight and enjoyment I am right now were it not for the belabored history, endurance, persistence, and devotion the people at Virtrium and the volunteers of this community.

    I'm wise enough to acknowledge it, and hopefully, wiser still to do so regularly (I find otherwise, one tends to get downright entitled... and let's face it, arguments and pettiness of human nature aside, I think we can all agree that entitlement is an acid that destroys community over time).

    Thanks for still being around.

    Thanks for still being beautiful... you've kept it all wonderfully for its age.

    Thanks for still being committed. I'm actually sorry that my life circumstances didn't allow me to stick around for all of it. But it just proves the ultimate point - in the end, none of us are indispensible.

    I could go on. I won't. Just a small haiku chain to close because, well, I'm weird like that:

    Oh! Istaria!
    Land of my fierce, Dragon soul,
    Here, I walk my dream.

    I have missed this game
    I have missed even slate fields
    Missed community

    Words do not convey
    The great imponderable
    That is a feeling

    As I watch dragons
    being dragons, all about;
    Springtime, returning

    Thank you, oh thank you
    Thank you, thank you, and thank you
    Shall I continue?

    (Y/N): Y
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    Default Re: You know what makes me happiest about being in Istaria again?

    I never left- but still feel the same.

    Good words, Beryl
    YOU told me to play a dragon! [SIGPIC][/SIGPIC]

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    Default Re: You know what makes me happiest about being in Istaria again?

    I have only been here a year now, but I will say that I am enjoying it more and more the longer I have been playing

    Now with starting and leading a guild and watching and helping new players get going on their path to RoP and beyond has been fun and exciting. I am looking forward to another year of fun and friendship in this wonderful game
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    Default Re: You know what makes me happiest about being in Istaria again?

    I make breaks sometimes but no matter how much other games i enjoy, THIS is the game that really pulls me back to the PC all over again XD and again, and again, and againnnn...

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