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Thread: Build-an-abomination event

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    Default Build-an-abomination event

    Hello fellow Order residents!

    Given the strange things happening in the land lately, Scions thought it would be a fun time to try a novel crafting break.

    Challenge: Build an abomination out of items looted from kills.
    Judging will be based on number of useful parts, creativity, and overall style.

    Winner will receive 100x[Granny Nuffle's Festival Cookies], 100x[Pumpkin Pie], and 100x[Roasted Pumpkin Seeds]

    All participants will receive some [Mrs. Clause's Gingerbread Gnome], [Mrs. Clause's Special Hot Cocoa], and a nip of [Granny Nuffle's Festival Punch].

    Judging will start at 13:00 Eastern Time [US] on Sunday, October 30.

    Come show us what twisted constructions you can concoct! :-)

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    Default Re: Build-an-abomination event

    I think this is a trick, just another way for her to introduce an abominaton and get it on the registry with imperial council (snickers)

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    Default Re: Build-an-abomination event

    Well, they won't let New Rachival have the traditional Tinkering Conventions anymore, something about too close to destroying Tazoon with the I want to show that tinkering is not just for gnomes anymore, and that a convention can have some really interesting outcomes!

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    Default Re: Build-an-abomination event

    Huge thanks to all who participated in and/or contributed to the event!

    We had 2 winners, Glingaer and Chrones. Congratulations and well-earned! :-)

    My demonstration model requires retooling. :-/

    Here's what I pulled from my chat log for those unable to attend but interested in what we did:

    [MarketPlace: Awdz] *steps up and blows here [<!--LI 8432625 11021203>Silver Whistle<!--/LI>]*
    [MarketPlace: Awdz] time to start the build-an-abomination competition! please join the BuildAbomination chat if you are interested in participating
    [MarketPlace: Glingaer] *points to nearest Dragon Trainer* There's my entry
    [MarketPlace: Awdz] *chuckles* you did not build that from things you looted... although you do have a point
    [BuildAbomination: Awdz] so far the competition seems a bit slim, but i am very curious to see what you built
    [MarketPlace: Glingaer] I'm just a hatchling, and have enough problems crafting my own scales.
    [BuildAbomination: Chrones] heheh, just finding the bits and pieces in my own mess of an inventory and vault
    [MarketPlace: Awdz] *connects [<!--LI 8432625 12863784>Brownback Wolf's Paw<!--/LI>] to the end of [<!--LI 8432625 10084694>Chocolate Covered Beetle Legs<!--/LI>] with [<!--LI 8432625 18737583>Shadowstem Paste<!--/LI>]* it's something anyone can try
    [MarketPlace: Awdz] even if you just want to watch, you can join the buildabomination chat
    [BuildAbomination: Meoow] Elllo!
    [BuildAbomination: Chrones] Hello!
    [BuildAbomination: Meoow] How are you Chrones! = )
    [BuildAbomination: Chrones] I am very well thank you (: just finishing my creature of darkness! how about you?
    [BuildAbomination: Meoow] Very good Crafting my tail off! hehe [<!--LI 3399546 19244110>Silk Spool<!--/LI>] for my plot
    [MarketPlace: Awdz] come one! come all! bring your parts and pieces to buildabomination so we can see your creation!
    [BuildAbomination: Meoow] Ello Glingaer!
    [BuildAbomination: Glingaer] *bows courteously* Hello
    [BuildAbomination: Chrones] Welcome!
    [BuildAbomination: Meoow] = )
    [BuildAbomination: Awdz] *carefully checks the prize piles, with [<!--LI 8432625 11138203>Granny Nuffle's Festival Cookies<!--/LI>], [<!--LI 8432625 16131173>Pumpkin Pie<!--/LI>], and [<!--LI 8432625 19244406>Granny Nuffle's Festival Punch<!--/LI>]*
    [BuildAbomination: Meoow] >.<
    [BuildAbomination: Awdz] *munches on a handful of [<!--LI 8432625 15705349>Roasted Pumpkin Seeds<!--/LI>]*
    [MarketPlace: Awdz] *blows [<!--LI 8432625 11021203>Silver Whistle<!--/LI>] one more time*
    [BuildAbomination: Meoow] *graps a handfull and enjoys them!*
    [BuildAbomination: Glingaer] *has a small but untidy pile of - things - before him*
    [BuildAbomination: Chrones] So do we just describe the creature we've made, with links inbetween of the various horrible bits and bobs we've found around the world?
    [BuildAbomination: Awdz] ah, such interesting starting components! *looks over the -things- with a sparkle in her eyes*
    [MarketPlace: Nethie] -raises head- huh?
    [MarketPlace: Nethie] *rises))
    [MarketPlace: Awdz] join the buildabomination chat to see the fun!
    [BuildAbomination: Awdz] you construct it in front of us, showing us <linking> the items you are using and telling us how you fit them together
    [BuildAbomination: Nethie] -peeks in-
    [BuildAbomination: Awdz] at the end we stand back and take an overall look at your creation, assessing functionality, stability, and overall style
    [MarketPlace: Awdz] participants still welcome
    [BuildAbomination: Glingaer] *adds one last item to his pile, then, sits back on haunches to survey the mess...*
    [BuildAbomination: Awdz] who would like to start?
    [BuildAbomination: Glingaer] *raises paw, tentatively*
    [BuildAbomination: Awdz] okies glingaer, show us what you can do! :-)
    [BuildAbomination: Glingaer] *mixes [<!--LI 19139428 19244471>Spun Sugar<!--/LI>] with [<!--LI 19139428 19244461>Lesser Water Elemental Droplet<!--/LI>] to create a sticky paste*
    [BuildAbomination: Meoow] ohh...
    [MarketPlace: Awdz] observers always welcome too :-)
    [BuildAbomination: Glingaer] *uses paste to attach two [<!--LI 19139428 19244448>Agh'kuk Pygmy Ear<!--/LI>] to a [<!--LI 19139428 19244438>Sal'guk Gatherer Shrunken Head<!--/LI>], followed by a [<!--LI 19139428 19244436>Forest Gruok Youngling Snout<!--/LI>] and a carefully mounted [<!--LI 19139428 19244439>Forest Skulk Hunter Fin<!--/LI>]*
    [BuildAbomination: Glingaer] *bites the head off of a [<!--LI 19139428 19244468>Mrs. Clause's Gingerbread Gnome<!--/LI>] and attaches crafted "head"*
    [BuildAbomination: Awdz] oh wowsers, have not seen dragons spare the gingerbread gnomes before
    [BuildAbomination: Glingaer] *uses more paste to attach 4 [<!--LI 19139428 19244475>Chocolate Covered Beetle Legs<!--/LI>] and wraps the whol*e thing in [<!--LI 19139428 19244458>Large Ruxus Skin<!--/LI>]
    [BuildAbomination: Glingaer] *stands back and looks at his creation*
    [BuildAbomination: Awdz] interesting! can you describe the advantages of the two heads?
    [BuildAbomination: Glingaer] One head....the one that started on the cookie is in my tummy
    [BuildAbomination: Glingaer] I didn't give up the WHOLE cookie!
    [BuildAbomination: Awdz] ah, sorry i was looking at it from the reverse side, nice use of the body
    [BuildAbomination: Meoow] *WOW* I am impressed with your creation, such great work! Bows in delight
    [BuildAbomination: Glingaer] *grins and blushes*
    [BuildAbomination: Awdz] really a nice assembly. now that you tinkered it, what kinds of things do you think it can do best?
    [BuildAbomination: Meoow] *nods*
    [BuildAbomination: Glingaer] Serve as a quick snack, while scaring the bejabbers out of anyone looking at it
    [BuildAbomination: Awdz] *giggles*
    [BuildAbomination: Chrones] it should watch out for foxes, especially if it's crossing a pool of water
    [BuildAbomination: Meoow] *Giggles*
    [BuildAbomination: Glingaer] *shudders at the mention of water*
    [BuildAbomination: Awdz] or dire wolves, those have big nasty teeth
    [BuildAbomination: Glingaer] *munches on a separate [<!--LI 19139428 19244468>Mrs. Clause's Gingerbread Gnome<!--/LI>]*
    [BuildAbomination: Awdz] *makes notes in her [<!--LI 8432625 12792805>Journal of Copious Notes<!--/LI>] about ears for better hearing, snout for refined smelling, fin for better balance, legs for longer steps, and the skin for protection*
    [BuildAbomination: Awdz] well done glingaer, a fine entry!
    [BuildAbomination: Nethie] -watches with big hatchie eyes- scarry o.o
    [BuildAbomination: Awdz] *turns to the others present* who would like to go next?
    [BuildAbomination: Meoow] *Stands and claps as I agree with Awdz totally*
    [BuildAbomination: Glingaer] *bows courteously with gratitude*
    [BuildAbomination: Nethie] -hides behind awdz- it won't come alive, would it?
    [BuildAbomination: Glingaer] *hands Nethie a [<!--LI 19139428 19244468>Mrs. Clause's Gingerbread Gnome<!--/LI>]* It's safe
    [BuildAbomination: Awdz] depends on what spells are cast on it, nethie
    [BuildAbomination: Glingaer] I haven't that skill
    [BuildAbomination: Awdz] but i have [<!--LI 8432625 10668230>Ancient Life-Imbuing Scroll<!--/LI>]
    [BuildAbomination: Meoow] ohhh
    [BuildAbomination: Glingaer] *gazes at gnome with new respect*
    [BuildAbomination: Awdz] don't want to use it on anything less than the best we can tinker, so looking for ideas today
    [BuildAbomination: Awdz] *turns to chrones* did you have one or two things to put together?
    [BuildAbomination: Meoow] * Sips on [<!--LI 3399546 19244507>Granny Nuffle's Festival Punch<!--/LI>]... this stuff is great!
    [BuildAbomination: Awdz] glingaer, if you want to come to bristugo, i'll give you some [<!--LI 8432625 16101112>Draconic Celebration Cake<!--/LI>] as a thank you for participating for going first
    [BuildAbomination: Awdz] makes handing out prizes at the end a little easier too
    BuildAbomination: Glingaer] I can do that
    [BuildAbomination: Awdz] chrones is delayed, trying to get everything together i think
    [BuildAbomination: Meoow] nods hehe
    [BuildAbomination: Awdz] anyone else care to build something in the meantime?
    [BuildAbomination: Glingaer] *bows in gratitude* Thank you, elder one
    [BuildAbomination: Awdz] wowsers *giggles* you make me feel like gamma of a clan
    [BuildAbomination: Meoow] a very HIP and Young lady you are Awdz!
    [BuildAbomination: Awdz] *laughs* nothing like dying & recalling to keep us young!
    [BuildAbomination: Glingaer] *shrugs* Just about everyone is an "elder" when you're a hatchling
    [BuildAbomination: Awdz] i guess i do have some history behind me, since i do remember living in rachival
    [BuildAbomination: Awdz] before the invasion
    [BuildAbomination: Meoow] One day you will be big =)
    [BuildAbomination: Glingaer] *cautiously sips at [<!--LI 19139428 19244539>Mrs. Clause's Special Hot Cocoa<!--/LI>]...then a big gulp*
    [BuildAbomination: Awdz] *sits to hide her hips* not too big, i hope
    [BuildAbomination: Meoow] when did the invasion happen? I don't remember that, I musth have been in a looong sleep when that happened.
    [BuildAbomination: Awdz] i was nearing graduation from the tinkering academy when the withered aegis invaded rachival. there was a big hurry to get out of the city before it was overrun; i was originally killed by werewolves on the way
    [BuildAbomination: Glingaer] *listens intently, his eyes wide*
    [BuildAbomination: Awdz] me da, gangaf, versanto, noncas... all the greatest tinkerers were mobilizing the automatons to protect the city
    [BuildAbomination: Meoow] wow...
    [BuildAbomination: Awdz] i'm not sure what all happened, but the automatons turned on the gnomes instead of protecting them. theory is that when the withered aegis forced dead gnomes up to serve them, the automatons got confused
    [BuildAbomination: Awdz] anyway, the city was lost. to this day we have yet to take it back
    [BuildAbomination: Awdz] gnomes eventually settled in new rachival, a dusty, gritty, hot place that i do not like to tinker in very much
    [BuildAbomination: Shinnara] *Has been to Rachival and doesnae think it be a very nice place*
    [BuildAbomination: Meoow] wow, I didn't know that, interesting...
    [BuildAbomination: Glingaer] *having just been to New Rachival, he nods in agreement*
    [BuildAbomination: Awdz] and the new city is close enough to tazoon that the empire does not allow tinkering conventions because the explosions are too disruptive
    [BuildAbomination: Glingaer] uhmm..."explosiions"??
    [BuildAbomination: Awdz] that's what i think anyway
    [BuildAbomination: Meoow] I'm learning alot today!
    [BuildAbomination: Awdz] of course! every gnome knows, the larger the boom, the greater the discovery
    [BuildAbomination: Meoow] NODS
    [BuildAbomination: Glingaer] the harder the fight, the more learned from the experience
    [BuildAbomination: Awdz] *blushes modestly* i've been known to cause a reverberating echo on occasion
    [BuildAbomination: Glingaer] Not on this one, please?
    [BuildAbomination: Nethie] -plays with her [<!--LI 16050680 19239135>Slate Brick<!--/LI>]s and <!--LI 16050680 16056138>[Shiny Trinke<!--/LI>t]s trying to make a little toy-version of Glingaers abomination-
    [BuildAbomination: Shinnara] *Agrees heartily with Glingaer*
    [BuildAbomination: Awdz] [<!--LI 8432625 15798746>Title: Grand Master Crafter<!--/LI>] i've learned to incorporate other crafting techniques to help quell the fears of those who do not tinker as well as a gnome does
    [BuildAbomination: Meoow] I hope you don't mind Awdz if I go back to crafting...I'm feeling the urge to craft... = D
    [BuildAbomination: Shinnara] *Bows with deep respect to Awdz*
    [BuildAbomination: Awdz] that's fine meoow. i don't know what's taking chrones so long... maybe i can start to build something too?
    [BuildAbomination: Glingaer] Please do, Grand Master Craftsman...or, should I say Grand Mistress Craftsgnome?
    [BuildAbomination: Nethie] -giggles, as her [<!--LI 16050680 19213387>Eostre Beetle<!--/LI>] crawls around with [<!--LI 16050680 16035192>Radiant Slate Strength Head Scale <!--/LI>] on its tiny head-
    [BuildAbomination: Awdz] *begins with [<!--LI 8432625 12863784>Brownback Wolf's Paw<!--/LI>] and a set of [<!--LI 8432625 15947246>Icy Dire Wolf Claw<!--/LI>]*
    [BuildAbomination: Meoow] sure I'll pay attention to the chat : )
    [BuildAbomination: Shinnara] I be in awe, M'lady Awdz..
    [BuildAbomination: Awdz] *affixes [<!--LI 8432625 17777991>Veteran Tarantula Legs<!--/LI>] to each paw and claw with [<!--LI 8432625 10936136>A bucket of maple tannin<!--/LI>]*
    [BuildAbomination: Awdz] *uses [<!--LI 8432625 18886341>Turgid Purple Weaver Thorax<!--/LI>] as a frame for the body*
    [BuildAbomination: Glingaer] *eyes grow wide at the sight of the thorax...must be a horrid beast*
    [BuildAbomination: Shinnara] *Wonders how M'lady could use some [<!--LI 7099310 13658408>Enraged Yew Treant Root<!--/LI>]s*
    [BuildAbomination: Awdz] *includes [<!--LI 8432625 15980990>Werewolf Heart<!--/LI>], [<!--LI 8432625 17608098>Fiery Golem Core<!--/LI>], and [<!--LI 8432625 10983786>Maggot Entrails<!--/LI>] inside the thorax*
    [BuildAbomination: Glingaer] ew
    [BuildAbomination: Awdz] *spikes the heart with a [<!--LI 8432625 16026947>Perfect Sliver of Courage<!--/LI>]*
    [BuildAbomination: Awdz] *affixes the legs and a couple of [<!--LI 8432625 18985696>Blight Crab Claw<!--/LI>] around the thorax with more from [<!--LI 8432625 10936136>A bucket of maple tannin<!--/LI>]*
    [BuildAbomination: Glingaer] Not sure what this will end up looking like, but, it's already terrifying
    [BuildAbomination: Awdz] *puts [<!--LI 8432625 17836277>Large Arbotus Gullet<!--/LI>] on for a neck*
    [BuildAbomination: Glingaer] Especially since I haven't seen most of these monsters!
    [BuildAbomination: Awdz] *secures it in place with [<!--LI 8432625 12190619>Magical Mithril Wire<!--/LI>]*
    [BuildAbomination: Shinnara] Believe me.. Thou will eventually.. And wish thou hadnae.. *Giggles*
    [BuildAbomination: Awdz] *places [<!--LI 8432625 19241219>Head of Atta-nuk<!--/LI>] atop the gullet*
    [BuildAbomination: Glingaer] If I see *anything* that looks like *that*, I'm running the other way!!
    [BuildAbomination: Meoow] lol
    [BuildAbomination: Awdz] *affixes [<!--LI 8432625 18886616>Ravenous Bloodsnout Tusk<!--/LI>] at its mouth*
    [BuildAbomination: Shinnara] *Offers Awdz a pair of [<!--LI 7099310 13705336>Priceless Earring<!--/LI>]s to sparkle up the ears*
    [BuildAbomination: Glingaer] lol
    [BuildAbomination: Meoow] *oooh sparkles.....*
    [BuildAbomination: Awdz] oh let me put some in place *reaches into [<!--LI 8432625 11101026>Small bag of Caramelized Wolf Ears<!--/LI>] to put on head*
    [BuildAbomination: Awdz] maybe more heads is better than one
    [BuildAbomination: Glingaer] *nostrils start to quiver*
    [BuildAbomination: Awdz] *similarly adds [<!--LI 8432625 14668035>Icefang's Head<!--/LI>], [<!--LI 8432625 14471675>Head of Mani the Dire Wolf<!--/LI>], and [<!--LI 8432625 18883367>Crimson Wolf Skull<!--/LI>]*
    [BuildAbomination: Awdz] *applies<!--/LI> [<!--LI 8432625 9687201>Platinum Armor Earring of Warding <!--/LI>] to other ears*
    [BuildAbomination: Awdz] *covers the construct with<!--/LI> [<!--LI 8432625 15992439>Essence of Abomination Spirit<!--/LI>] and wraps it in [<!--LI 8432625 14549953>Hide of Caepio's Fear<!--/LI>]*
    [BuildAbomination: Awdz] sticks on [<!--LI 8432625 10906695>Damaged Brown Spider Eye<!--/LI>] with [<!--LI 8432625 18737583>Shadowstem Paste<!--/LI>]*
    [BuildAbomination: Awdz] *stands back to consider her construct*
    [BuildAbomination: Glingaer] *shudders at the sight of it*
    [BuildAbomination: Awdz] lots of legs for stability, claws for grabbing for balance, lots of heads to see and hear things coming, tusks to hang bags on, and a broad back. definitely perfect as a crafting pet!
    [BuildAbomination: Glingaer] ...or something out of a nightmare
    [BuildAbomination: Chrones] and earings for style!
    [BuildAbomination: Shinnara] *Would hate to meet that thing in a dark cave*
    [BuildAbomination: Awdz] *nods* the jewelry does add a nice touch
    [BuildAbomination: Glingaer] Or a well-lit town
    [BuildAbomination: Awdz] chrones, are you ready to present yours?
    [BuildAbomination: Awdz] *plunks an [<!--LI 8432625 16038273>Onion<!--/LI>] atop her construct to show how it could carry something*
    [BuildAbomination: Chrones] in a little bit, new tasks keeps appearing!
    [BuildAbomination: Awdz] *smell around it actually improves slightly*
    [BuildAbomination: Glingaer] *sniffs the air, cautiously* Very slightly
    [BuildAbomination: Chrones] if i am holding back the competiton and such feel free to move on without me
    [BuildAbomination: Awdz] we already did chrones
    [BuildAbomination: Awdz] *looks about* is there anyone else who would like to present a construct?
    [BuildAbomination: Shinnara] I be content to just offer some of my accumlated treasures to those building, M'lady..
    [BuildAbomination: Awdz] oh? *eartips perk forward* what might you have?
    [BuildAbomination: Shinnara] Well, some 39 of these if they would help? [<!--LI 7099310 19233534>Hunter Scorpion Claw<!--/LI>]
    [BuildAbomination: Glingaer] *sniffs at to see if they might be edible...*
    [BuildAbomination: Shinnara] I got those while earning this [<!--LI 7099310 19235544>Weapon Tech Kit: Virulent Venom<!--/LI>]..
    [BuildAbomination: Awdz] oh! you reminded me, i forgot to add the [<!--LI 8432625 18888106>Weaker Ravenous Bloodsnout Tail<!--/LI>]! although with all the heads and legs, i'm not sure where i'd put just one tail
    [BuildAbomination: Awdz] but the venom can go on the tusks nicely :-)
    [BuildAbomination: Glingaer] On top, as an antenna
    [BuildAbomination: Glingaer] Would need to be very careful now, using those tusks to hang things from!
    [BuildAbomination: Awdz] *puts [<!--LI 8432625 11215375>Giant Chicken Tailfeathers<!--/LI>] on the top as wind-sensing devices*
    [BuildAbomination: Awdz] true, but it deters creatures passing by from snitching the crafting bags
    [BuildAbomination: Awdz] do you think i should keep it covered? *shakes out [<!--LI 8432625 14260018>Wraith Robe (T6)<!--/LI>] in preparation*
    [BuildAbomination: Glingaer] Personally, I'd keep it locked away in a deep, dark dungeon
    [BuildAbomination: Awdz] *wrinkles her nose* my creation or this robe?
    [BuildAbomination: Glingaer] Yes
    [BuildAbomination: Glingaer] *grins mischievously*
    [BuildAbomination: Shinnara] What say thee, M'lady... [<!--LI 7099310 19109126>Antiquated Helm<!--/LI>] or [<!--LI 7099310 19109127>Ornamental Helm<!--/LI>]?
    [BuildAbomination: Awdz] it has enough heads, which fits on which? [BuildAbomination: Shinnara] O! And we cannae neglect a [<!--LI 7099310 18154017>Royal Urn<!--/LI>] for thy famous Klava!
    [BuildAbomination: Awdz] *removes [<!--LI 8432625 16038273>Onion<!--/LI>] and sets [<!--LI 8432625 19241181>Royal Urn<!--/LI>] in its place*
    [BuildAbomination: Awdz] *puts [<!--LI 8432625 19106599>Ancient Barasavian Crown<!--/LI>] on [<!--LI 8432625 19241219>Head of Atta-nuk<!--/LI>]*
    [BuildAbomination: Awdz] *sets [<!--LI 8432625 14936329>Stuffed Exotic Bird<!--/LI>] on edge of urn*
    [BuildAbomination: Shinnara] An apt choice, M'lady.. *Nods approvingly*
    [BuildAbomination: Glingaer] *giggles at the bird*
    [BuildAbomination: Awdz] *uses [<!--LI 8432625 11086649>Special Spool<!--/LI>] to hang [<!--LI 8432625 11662095>Dented Bell<!--/LI>] around the reinforced [<!--LI 8432625 17836277>Large Arbotus Gullet<!--/LI>]*
    [BuildAbomination: Awdz] now we can know when it is coming near
    [BuildAbomination: Awdz] so we can get our piles of crafting goods ready to load
    [BuildAbomination: Shinnara] *Grins toothily*
    [BuildAbomination: Glingaer] If the smell doesn't warn you...
    [BuildAbomination: Awdz] oh, what color should we make it?
    [BuildAbomination: Awdz] *splats it with every color she has for comparison, leaving a rainbow of spots across it* [<!--LI 8432625 16021176>Red Chroma<!--/LI>][<!--LI 8432625 16032855>Garnet Chroma<!--/LI>][<!--LI 8432625 16039382>Light Red Chroma<!--/LI>][<!--LI 8432625 16026511>Gold Chroma<!--/LI>][<!--LI 8432625 10177189>Turquoise Chroma<!--/LI>][<!--LI 8432625 16032671>Dark Green Chroma<!--/LI>][<!--LI 8432625 16026513>Moonlight Chroma<!--/LI>][<!--LI 8432625 16039409>Dark Blue Chroma<!--/LI>][<!--LI 8432625 9934009>Light Blue Chroma<!--/LI>][<!--LI 8432625 16037893>White Chroma<!--/LI>][<!--LI 8432625 19106644>Purple Chroma<!--/LI>][<!--LI 8432625 19106682>Obsidian Chroma<!--/LI>][<!--LI 8432625 19106732>Jasper Chroma<!--/LI>]
    [BuildAbomination: Nethie] -spies on chrones-
    [BuildAbomination: Glingaer] I'd leave it just like that
    [BuildAbomination: Shinnara] O, dear.. *Tries to catch the frog-shaped [<!--LI 7099310 14460074>Blessed Figurine<!--/LI>] as it scurries from her scalepack and hops onto the creation*
    [BuildAbomination: Awdz] *nods* good idea, so when crafting it is easier to consider colors desired
    [BuildAbomination: Glingaer] And, subtle colors for a subtle creation
    [BuildAbomination: Awdz] *raises one eyebrow as the [<!--LI 8432625 8936966>Blessed Figurine<!--/LI>] hops into the urn with a splop*
    [BuildAbomination: Glingaer] *grins again*
    [BuildAbomination: Awdz] maybe i should have cleaned that urn before putting it there?
    [BuildAbomination: Awdz] *adds [<!--LI 8432625 18978417>Pure Water<!--/LI>] to the urn for the frog to swim in*
    [BuildAbomination: Awdz] *wonders how the [<!--LI 8432625 15331245>Snail<!--/LI>] got in there too*
    [BuildAbomination: Shinnara] *Nods* It may have been a tad dusty since I have had that particular one for many moons..
    [BuildAbomination: Awdz] do you think i should put a [<!--LI 8432625 11292656>Parrot Trap<!--/LI>] over the mouth of the urn so the [<!--LI 8432625 14936329>Stuffed Exotic Bird<!--/LI>] cannot fall in?
    [BuildAbomination: Awdz] it's been used before on [<!--LI 8432625 11229402>Dead Shoulder Parrot<!--/LI>]
    [BuildAbomination: Shinnara] That might be wise, M'lady.. I would hate to see the lovely thing get hurt from a fall..
    [BuildAbomination: Awdz] maybe i'll just secure it with [<!--LI 8432625 11098041>Mithril Tinkering Strut<!--/LI>] and [<!--LI 8432625 12176122>Ironsilk Fishing Line<!--/LI>]
    [BuildAbomination: Glingaer] *idly wonders what marvels one would find wandering through Awdz' vault*
    [BuildAbomination: Awdz] <a few more things than you find in my [<!--LI 8432625 12936100>Really Overstuffed Backpack<!--/LI>]>
    [BuildAbomination: Glingaer] (( that description! ))
    [MarketPlace: Glingaer] I'd bring a cow, but, all I see nearby is a wolf and gnome...don't believe you can milk either of those
    [MarketPlace: Awdz] oh! *provides [<!--LI 8432625 14870838>Simple Milk Fabricator<!--/LI>]*
    [MarketPlace: Awdz] thank you for the reminder, i had a cow
    [MarketPlace: Glingaer] oh, my
    [MarketPlace: Awdz] did you know, [<!--LI 8432625 11171796>Deluxe Egg Fabricator<!--/LI>] is the more advanced version of the device that started the traditional tinkering conventions?
    [MarketPlace: Awdz] or rather, the tinkering display competitions at the conventions
    [MarketPlace: Glingaer] I'd hate to think of the explosions involved there...bits of eggy goo everywhere
    [MarketPlace: Awdz] there was a bet about how to gather eggs safely
    [MarketPlace: Awdz] various devices were used to fetch the eggs from the chickens, with varying results; but the one that fabricated them won
    [MarketPlace: Glingaer] Find chicken...put paw on chicken's down...egg pops out
    [MarketPlace: Awdz] and it required that the inventor explain how it was assembled, demonstrate it, and then answer questions about it
    [MarketPlace: Awdz] same way proper tinkering demonstrations are done today
    [BuildAbomination: Awdz] chrones, we need for you to demonstrate your construct or glingaer wins by default
    [BuildAbomination: Awdz] as a successfully demonstrated construct with a good design :-)
    [BuildAbomination: Glingaer] *looks at his "creating" and then at Awdz* uhmmm....mine isn't even close!
    [BuildAbomination: Awdz] yours is great, gave me ideas to enhance my own... and as host, my creation is not eligible for prize anyway
    [MarketPlace: Glingaer] My way is more, gives you tasty chicken pate between your claws. Does tend to thin out the flock, though
    [MarketPlace: Awdz] but your way also provides a nice supply of [<!--LI 8432625 11215375>Giant Chicken Tailfeathers<!--/LI>]
    [MarketPlace: Nethie] -chews on some [<!--LI 16050680 16061458>Giant Chicken Foot<!--/LI>] –
    [MarketPlace: Glingaer] I have *yet* to see a giant chicken...should run over there, just to satisfy my curiosity
    [MarketPlace: Awdz] sslanis farm...a farmer's experimental breeding got out of control
    [MarketPlace: Glingaer] I"ll take a look
    [BuildAbomination: Glingaer] wow
    [BuildAbomination: Awdz] congratulations on your fine entry!
    [BuildAbomination: Glingaer] *bows graciously.* Thank you!
    [BuildAbomination: Awdz] *curtsies in return* you are most welcome!
    [BuildAbomination: Awdz] if chrones does present his creation, i do have a second prize set made up, as i wanted to be safe in the event of a tie
    [BuildAbomination: Awdz] but it has to be at least as excellent as yours, glingaer :-)
    [BuildAbomination: Shinnara] Always best to be prepared.. *Nods*
    [BuildAbomination: Chrones] heh, i doubt that'll be able to make anything up to snuff
    [BuildAbomination: Awdz] thank you all for coming and participating in the tinkering demonstration!
    [BuildAbomination: Glingaer] I thank you for your words, but, I doubt I'll ever be a "tinkerer!"
    [BuildAbomination: Awdz] chrones you never know unless you try ;-)
    [BuildAbomination: Glingaer] This was fun, thank you for doing it, Elder Awdz!
    [BuildAbomination: Shinnara] I apologize for being tardy, M'lady.. I was out in The Rift for a bit..
    [BuildAbomination: Awdz] it was a pleasure to have you join us :-)
    [BuildAbomination: Chrones] Alright then! if i am not too late i'll gladly try!
    [BuildAbomination: Awdz] *earpoints perk forward in anticipation*
    [BuildAbomination: Awdz] please do!
    [BuildAbomination: Glingaer] *settles down to watch*
    [BuildAbomination: Shinnara] *Takes a seat out of the way*
    [BuildAbomination: Chrones] I'll start of with a [<!--LI 15086102 19244464>Ish'kuk Gatherer's Shrunken Head<!--/LI>], as the base, basically a little sack of skin, and fill it's head with some [<!--LI 15086102 19219842>Essence of Mind<!--/LI>] to replace the loss of the brain
    [BuildAbomination: Awdz] *readies her [<!--LI 8432625 8356174>Special Rune Stylus <!--/LI>] and her [<!--LI 8432625 12792805>Journal of Copious Notes<!--/LI>]*
    [BuildAbomination: Awdz] ooh, very nice, i've not seen that mind rift before
    [BuildAbomination: Chrones] some [<!--LI 15086102 19237409>Mountain Wolf Fang<!--/LI>] can be added to make the mouth of it more dangerous and fit for biting it's enemies, and maybe a [<!--LI 15086102 19237848>Redbacked Spider Soldier Gland<!--/LI>] can help it coat the fangs with [<!--LI 15086102 19242137>Shadow Spider Breeder Venom<!--/LI>]
    [BuildAbomination: Glingaer] eep
    [BuildAbomination: Awdz] *nods* that is some serious attack functionality
    [BuildAbomination: Chrones] some [<!--LI 15086102 19242037>Shadow Spider Hatchling Leg<!--/LI>] will be attached the the base of the neck, enabling it to move around, crawling and scutteling silently on walls and on the ground and whatnot
    [BuildAbomination: Awdz] *scribbles precisely in her journal*
    [BuildAbomination: Awdz] interesting, legs directly to the head, skipping the vulnerable core
    [BuildAbomination: Chrones] [<!--LI 15086102 19237932>Deh'guk Gatherer Finger<!--/LI>] can be sewn around the mouth, letting it grip at whatever it pounces at, and locking it in a firm grip as it bites and poisons it's prey
    [BuildAbomination: Glingaer] Makes it all the more horrifying
    [BuildAbomination: Awdz] hmmm... an interesting idea, a row of the fingers in front/on top of the mouth to pull items into it
    [BuildAbomination: Awdz] *makes notes about snatch-mouth*
    [BuildAbomination: Chrones] then some [<!--LI 15086102 19237847>Redbacked Spider Eye<!--/LI>] can be put into the embty eye sockets
    [BuildAbomination: Glingaer] *bows a greeting, with a grin* Hello!
    [BuildAbomination: Awdz] oh, those will work much better than my [<!--LI 8432625 10906695>Damaged Brown Spider Eye<!--/LI>]!
    [BuildAbomination: Chrones] and perhaps a [<!--LI 15086102 19240813>Ice Beetle Carapace<!--/LI>] can be placed on the back of the head, enabling cover!
    [BuildAbomination: Awdz] creative way to avoid need for a helmet!
    [BuildAbomination: Chrones] finally some [<!--LI 15086102 19238037>Redbacked Tarantula Hatchling Leg Hair<!--/LI>] can be placed upon the upper lip, to create a moutstache
    [BuildAbomination: Chrones] possibly the spookiest feature
    [BuildAbomination: Awdz] will it be needing a [<!--LI 8432625 15356495>Comb<!--/LI>] for that?
    [BuildAbomination: Glingaer] *giggles at the mustache*
    [BuildAbomination: Chrones] possibly! it can use that and [<!--LI 15086102 19244764>Insect Ichor (T4)<!--/LI>] for hairgell
    [BuildAbomination: Chrones] and that is my spooky entry!
    [BuildAbomination: Glingaer] *applauds*
    [BuildAbomination: Chrones] thank you very much (:
    [BuildAbomination: Glingaer] Just a head scuttling about on spider legs...truly spooky!
    [BuildAbomination: Awdz] *loudly applauds the presentation*
    [BuildAbomination: Shinnara] *Nods respectfully* Ver ingeniuos..
    [BuildAbomination: Awdz] where are you most likely to use it?
    [BuildAbomination: Chrones] i'd say it's best placed inside of dark ruins or creepy forests
    [BuildAbomination: Awdz] sort of an advance scout for your expeditions?
    [BuildAbomination: Chrones] anywhere that gives it a chance to sneak up upon the victim and pounce on it, locking it's fingery mouth to a leg or arm, biting and poising it
    [BuildAbomination: Shinnara] Or perhaps a deterent to others?
    [BuildAbomination: Chrones] more of a deterent really! i think they'd make great traps
    [BuildAbomination: Chrones] scouting is definitly an option too though!
    [BuildAbomination: Shinnara] A guardian for one's priceless possessions?
    [BuildAbomination: Awdz] hmmmm.... *makes a note to use antivenom before ever entering chrones' lair*
    [BuildAbomination: Glingaer] Few of those running around in your lair
    [BuildAbomination: Awdz] [<!--LI 8432625 16030543>Greater Antidote<!--/LI>] may be useful for your visitors
    [BuildAbomination: Shinnara] Much more effective than [<!--LI 7099310 17206120>Niesa's Rub<!--/LI>] for sure, M'lady!
    [BuildAbomination: Awdz] or [<!--LI 8432625 17607813>Niesa's Draught<!--/LI>]
    [BuildAbomination: Glingaer] Niesa was busy
    [BuildAbomination: Awdz] let's see... according to [<!--LI 8432625 10668230>Ancient Life-Imbuing Scroll<!--/LI>], a bit of [<!--LI 8432625 16057580>Spirit Oil<!--/LI>] may be required
    [BuildAbomination: Shinnara] At least the healing power of [<!--LI 7099310 18606819>Ahala's Sweet Brew<!--/LI>] might help keep one alive until and Antidote could be found?
    [BuildAbomination: Awdz] *drips a couple drops each of [<!--LI 8432625 16057580>Spirit Oil<!--/LI>], [<!--LI 8432625 19156422>King of Potions Draught<!--/LI>], and [<!--LI 8432625 14600334>Blood of the Myloc Queen<!--/LI>] on each of the constructs*
    [BuildAbomination: Glingaer] *the cookie-construct begins to quiver, then raises up on its [<!--LI 19139428 19244475>Chocolate Covered Beetle Legs<!--/LI>] and dances an odd jig*
    [BuildAbomination: Awdz] *the crafting aid construct lurches about unevenly, spilling the frog out of the urn*
    [BuildAbomination: Awdz] *unable to balance properly, the crafting aid construct falls off a cliff and smashes apart*
    [BuildAbomination: Awdz] aww crumblies!
    [BuildAbomination: Shinnara] *Sighs* All that work...
    [BuildAbomination: Awdz] *random limbs from the crafting aid inch away in various directions*
    [BuildAbomination: Glingaer] *staggers forward, and rubs its [<!--LI 19139428 19244436>Forest Gruok Youngling Snout<!--/LI>] against the gnome*
    [BuildAbomination: Awdz] *the heads from the crafting aid construct howl brokenly*
    [BuildAbomination: Glingaer] *the cookie gives a soft sigh, and drops back to the ground*
    [BuildAbomination: Awdz] awww... *pats the cookie-construct on its head and feeds it some [<!--LI 8432625 10084636>Gnomian Peppermint Taffy<!--/LI>]*
    [BuildAbomination: Shinnara] *Pelts any of the pieces that get near her with [<!--LI 7099310 18154964>Snowball<!--/LI>]s*
    [BuildAbomination: Glingaer] *pours some [<!--LI 19139428 19244541>Granny Nuffle's Festival Punch<!--/LI>] on a snowball and munches on the icy confection*
    [BuildAbomination: Awdz] *wonders where the poison guardian construct got to, as she did not see where it went*
    [BuildAbomination: Shinnara] *Surveys the area with keen Dragon eyes, keeping watch for other calamities*
    [BuildAbomination: Awdz] *makes more notations in her journal*
    [BuildAbomination: Shinnara] *Passes over some research materials* [<!--LI 7099310 17264415>Ancient Moraven Tome<!--/LI>] and [<!--LI 7099310 13113944>"The Tome of Draining Magic" by Khemariu<!--/LI>s]
    [BuildAbomination: Shinnara] That latter may come in handy to disable that poison guardian, nay?
    [BuildAbomination: Glingaer] *The tome reminds the hatchling that he's "supposed" to be doing a quest for Khemarius*
    [BuildAbomination: Glingaer] *settles down more comfortably....later*
    [BuildAbomination: Awdz] oooh nice volumes! but why would we disable the guardian? it sounds useful
    [BuildAbomination: Glingaer] So long as it remembers what it's guarding
    [BuildAbomination: Shinnara] To keep it from injuring those present, M'lady.. It can be reactivated at the site it will guard..
    [BuildAbomination: Glingaer] *looks up from snacking on another [<!--LI 19139428 19244468>Mrs. Clause's Gingerbread Gnome<!--/LI>] to find he's alone next to the Bristugo Vault*
    [BuildAbomination: Awdz] perhaps a cage made of [<!--LI 8432625 12190335>Meridian Baffles<!--/LI>] reinforced with [<!--LI 8432625 12190619>Magical Mithril Wire<!--/LI>] would be useful for containing it
    [BuildAbomination: Shinnara] *Wonders if her Rift spirit form makes her truly invisible as she sits near that Vault*
    [BuildAbomination: Glingaer] I need to look behind me once in a while!!
    [BuildAbomination: Nethie] hmm
    [BuildAbomination: Awdz] i missed the very very *cranes neck upward* very very big dragon too
    [BuildAbomination: Glingaer] There was a glowing Ancient sitting directly behind me, and I didn't notice!
    [BuildAbomination: Glingaer] *feels quite small, with two Ancients nearby*
    [BuildAbomination: Awdz] did you each get a bit of cake?
    * Glingaer says Yum Yum! Glingaer eats a slice of Draconic Celebration Cake!
    [BuildAbomination: Shinnara] I just be wearing my Rift spirit form, M'lady.. I do have a whole Celebration Cake in my Vault though.. *Grins toothily*
    [BuildAbomination: Glingaer] *nods, glowingly*
    [BuildAbomination: Glingaer] *wish this would actually light up a dark cavern*
    [BuildAbomination: Shinnara] *Will lend the Aoreban her [<!--LI 7099310 720699>Gold Sunscope<!--/LI>]*
    [BuildAbomination: Glingaer] *chuckles* Thank you, Elder. My sense of smell has been enough, in truth
    [BuildAbomination: Awdz] thank you all once again, now i need to scamper... there are stories of a dragon made of flames in dralk that i need to investigate
    [BuildAbomination: Glingaer] Good hunting, Elder Awdz. And, thank you, again!
    [BuildAbomination: Shinnara] Be well, M'lady.. Stay safe, please?
    [BuildAbomination: Awdz] as safe as any gifted should ;-)

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