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Thread: Ethereal Thunder of Chaos: Official Opening!

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    Talking Ethereal Thunder of Chaos: Official Opening!

    Aekaitz here! Officially announcing the opening of a cool new guild on the Chaos server, Ethereal Thunder!

    There has been plenty of time spent structuring the guild properly and building a proper website so that those who cannot always be online are always able to keep in touch. The site is a fully functional guild website that allows registration, has our own personal forum, and our own image sharing gallery and chat room as well! You are able to apply using this website! Just use the "Recruitment" tab, submit an easy application, and I will be back to you very soon to add you officially in-game!

    Guild members will have access to a guild lair full of helpful supplies such as tech components, formulas, extra armor, and more. We also have a brand new DeviantART group made specifically to share artwork of your Istarian characters and guild members.

    Please visit our website by clicking the logo below, and see our DeviantART group at I look forward to growing this guild with you all!

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    Welcome to Chaos

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    Wanted to post an update on our growth!

    Since we opened, we not only have a website with all of our information, but a Discord server for all of us to chat wherever we go, as well as a guild community at Guild: Ambato. We're nearing 40 members now, with a large majority of us active at least a few times a week!

    If anyone is interested in joining, you can message me personally in-game as Aekaitz Helicias, or one of our lovely moderators, Tailgrimm and Vortan. Check out our website below for more details!


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    Another update! Happy Sunday all!

    Ethereal Thunder is looking for new members! The summer is upon us, as we have awesome things planned for the summer, and we're looking for new people to enjoy it with us. We have made a lot of progress since our opening, including building up our two communities, Ambato and Immons, and breaking over 100 members!

    Over all, we are a casual, social-style guild centered on enjoying each other's company and helping each other out when needed. We don't push for mandatory boss hunts or mandatory activity checks, and are mostly laid-back and interested in building a family style atmosphere.

    When not in-game, we use our Discord server to make sure we can always stay in touch, even when we can't stay in game! A lot of us know how lonely it can tend to be in game without a group of people to talk to and help/get help from, so our goal is to provide that and create friendships that can last!

    To join contact me or Tailgrimm in game or message me on Discord at Aekaitz#5588. Thank you for reading, and happy hunting! <3

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