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    Default Blight Delta 290

    Blight Delta 290 will be applied to Blight very soon and includes the following additions/changes/fixes:

    • Myloc Harbringer Heart is now known as Myloc Harbinger Heart
    • Myloc Harbringer Claw is now known as Myloc Harbinger Claw
    • Adamantium Golem drops have been alligned with the loot system
    • Avariatus’ Quest: Claw Up The Local Spiders now refers to Brown Spiders rather than Brown Spider Hatchlings
    • Adjusted the spawn rate of Ul’zilgat Fyakki in the Eastern Deadlands
    • Evolved Fyakki now have a whirlwind attack
    • Ul’Zilgat Broodmasters now spawn amongst the other Ul’Zilgat Fyakki
    • Recovered Memories can now be properly collected while on the “Memories of the Forgotten” quests.
    • Sinth, the Alpha Jade Snarler now spawns SW of Tazoon and SE of The Great Battle
    • Dimensional Pocket IX: Deliver Supplies to the Guards will now properly prevent the use of teleporters. The 45 minute timer now works correctly.
    • Trials of the Gifted: Test of Endurance - The item given ‘Weight of the World’ now has a very large bulk that will overburden you and slow you down as intended.
    • Defiled Graves create a resource called Enchanted Grave Dust.
    • Consuming Enchanted Grave Dust gives effect: Grave Miasma
    • Enraged Souls can only be damaged while under the effect of Grave Miasma.
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    Default Re: Blight Delta 290

    This delta is now on blight
    The schedule might be tight, but there is always time.

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