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Thread: Looking for peace and coming together as community

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    Default Looking for peace and coming together as community

    I am for one saddened at the nasty behavior that happened in the past be it in the game or on the forums. We need to let of go of the past and focus on the present so we can focus on a better future. We need to come together as a community. We need to work together as a community to better improve the game, no matter how small the suggestion is. Yes, it's true we may not all agree but we can work past our disagreements to get too a universal agreed upon suggestion. Christmas, is around the corner and we need to be grateful how far the game has come in 10+ years it has been running. We cannot archive this if we get upset at each other for every little thing. We need to go across the board, across shard lines and work together. Be it chaos with order or order with chaos or even blight. Instead getting mad at a something try to investigate why it happened, and try to get the other side's story. I personally wish for us to let go of the past and us to work together as a community, no matter who it is, or what the reason. I just wish for the community to work together.

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    What I do not understand ... dev create "rant" section on the forum ... players uses said section to vent/rant ... dev then goes about closing said player's post ?
    Why allow players to vent their frustration, if you only gonna close their post ?

    Rant Istaria Style - you either leave it as it is, and let anyone vent his/her furstration the way they see fit
    - Or you close this section permanently (if you do not know how to handle this section)

    Remember, getting frustrated is a human, behaviour, venting said frustration is part of the human coping process.
    Do not tell people, yes you can vent here, but do so civilized or venting is not allowed.
    I thought the reason for this section is that players can vent their frustration, there where it is allowed.
    There is always a reason why people get frustrated, and it is not because we do not understand this frustration, that we should simply ignore it, by closing its venting pipes.

    In my opinion, it is far less dangerous to vent frustration, then to keep it bottled up

    Also, Christmas is not the only time one can, and should be gratefull

    Thank u for your time,
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    Default Re: Looking for peace and coming together as community

    Quote Originally Posted by Dyoniccus View Post
    In my opinion, it is far less dangerous to vent frustration, then to keep it bottled up

    Since I came back around two years ago I've been into a few catfights here. One or the other were pretty public, too. But no matter what has happened, there's always a way to give others a second chance. I assume Spyr had something special in mind when posting this, nevertheless he is 100% right on what he said.

    No matter the cost: spread love, 365 days a year.

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