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Thread: Divine Incantations for the races

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    Default Divine Incantations for the races

    I have been thinking of Dragon Incantations, and came up with one for Important moment in dragons life.
    Here is the Incantations for the right of assention.

    As the Hatching gazes deep with in its Physicality He hears a deep powerful voice in his head .

    Source of might with Magic spin I summon forth My power From within Oracles of Gold, Water, Fire, Earth, clouds, wind , and Electricity , Source Know my plight Release my LIGHT .

    So there has to be some for the other races to muster there might of there divine So Come up with some for any race Winners will Revive 3 g either on Chaos or Order
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    With all due respect - what?

    I'm not sure why this would be needed as an expansion into the RoP lore. There's not exactly incantations anywhere for ascensions, but from the dialogue in the quests it's pretty obvious what happens and of course you could always RP out your own one. Additionally I'm not sure what "oracles" you're referring to as there's not really any personification of the... elements in the lore.

    If the goal is to have some sort of prayer or similar for each of the deities, things to do with primal magic, fire, and Drulkar would probably be the most relevant for dragons.
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    Dragons are made of fire by Drulkar shaped into a physical form. They can control primal magic. Thats all thats important XD.

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