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    Has anyone noticed since the big maintenance that happened on the 13th December, 2016 that Istaria has gotten a bit slow?

    When I mean slow I mean when you first log in the ground, buildings, environment take a bit to appear, normally it would just already be there for me but i have to wait a bit for it all to load.
    Also when I teleport I again wait for a bit for it to load than when it loads there's nothing on the screen just a blanket of white, no buildings, char or even the environment.

    Just seems that everything is slow to catch up.
    I've got good internet speed just seems to be happening after the maintenance.

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    Porting takes a very long time here.
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    I think it's just that way after maintenance. I know, in my experience, that storage units are slow to open after maintenance, and porting to a location takes longer the first time after a maintenance. Subsequent ports to the same location are much quicker. It's just the way things are. Whatever database optimization they do during maintenance seems to cause it, but it's something you get used to pretty quick.

    But believe me, if they didn't do the weekly maintenance, it would be much worse... back in the dark days when another company ran the game, we went several weeks without maintenance and the game was almost unplayable

    Just accept that this is an older game, with its own quirks, and enjoy it

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