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Thread: KNoC - Two hand slash?

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    Default KNoC - Two hand slash?

    Given that the KNoC summoned sword is a 1hs, wouldn't it make more sense that it require 1hs to join the school, rather than 2h?

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    But skill with a sword is still skill with a sword

    And can't knoc use 2 hand swords as well, instead of the summoned sword if they wish?

    Doesn't actually matter, since the base skills come from warrior in equal amounts.

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    yes, they can use both. Warrior is easiest to take to lvl 20 giving both 1 and 2 hs. next is mage to 20 giving summoning and you are set for KNoC. so reqs for 1 or 2 hs is a bit irrelevant

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