Hello everyone! As I've revealed in this forum post, Istara's Chosen is hosting a cross-shard rp event on blight! I've talked about a role in the event called Speaker of Flames. This person is a nominated role and we, as hosts, cannot appoint them. The Speaker of Flames is the person that leads the ceremonies (besides the hosts) and is a position of spiritual importance. Now, what I'd like you guys to do is to nominate people.

1. You can nominate only ONE person. Example, if I nominate X, I cannot nominate Y.
2. Your nominee has to be willing to listen to hosts' instructions, and willing to generally cooperate. Events of this scale are hard to organise enough as it is, so problems might arise! Patience is adviced.
3. Your nominee has to have the respect of your general community, as in, your nominee cannot be someone who causes drama.
4. You can nominate people within your maining shard. Example; I main on order, therefor I cannot interfer with Chaos nominations. EXEMPT FROM THE RULE: people who play on both shards.
5. You can nominate yourself.
6. Your nominee DOES NOT HAVE to be someone who played the game for a long time, as long as they're ancient, it's fine.
Once we recieve enough nominees (A MAXIMUM AMOUNT OF 10) we will hold a voting. Deadline for this is December 30th. Any inquiries can be made via forum or via my discord!