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    Ok so i'm not sure if this is intended or not, but Alyssa's touch doesnt stack with alacrity (the melee equivalent, Hastened, does).

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    It should definitely stack, otherwise it would be worthless.

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    Quick bump and update: it seems Alyssa's touch only works with ability spells, eg: Engulf, Dispirit Foe. It doesn't affect spellbook spells like Spirit Bolt.

    Also, kind of related: the Wizard ability Acceleration acts in reverse: it affects spellbook spells but not ability spells.
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    Alyssa's Touch should only work with spells and not abilities. While they appear on today's Delta 300 notes, they were fixed and hotfixed to all shards on September 29th, 2017 and will work properly on all shards as of the 29th.

    The fix will allow it to stack with Alacrity as well, since that's a spell.

    Will look into the Wizard Acceleration.
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