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Thread: New Poison stuff, good and bad!

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    Default New Poison stuff, good and bad!

    I dig the whole idea that poison is now something that must be dealt with - but with that said, the "benign" poison is a bit of a wrecking game-stopper for anyone lower. There appear to not be any vendors who sell potions to remove it, and if there are not any on the consigner, well.. An hour is a bit long!

    Maybe the tavern environment buff could provide a cleanse type effect so there is *some* recourse? The lowest cure poison can't be used by many schools either, leaving quite a few just out in the cold given the quests that point you towards spiders and such.. without better rewards to balance the heavier hassle of dealing with poison, I imagine they'll just be ignored a bit, which seems unfortunate!

    It's fun to have new obstacles to consider and bear in mind, but less fun when there's no real feasible way to overcome besides asking for someone to dump tons of potions on you that trivialize it entirely. Maybe something craftable, a quest to make some general, simple ingenuity based thing on a not-too-great duration/recycle timer? Anything, really! It just seems a little heavy handed, mostly because the best solution besides just avoiding then is just doing alchemy yourself as it simply can't be dealt without due to the duration.

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    I would just set the length of the poison effect based on the tier.

    Tier 1 10 minutes
    Tier 2 20 minutes
    Tier 3 30 minutes
    Tier 4 40 minutes
    Tier 5 50 minutes
    Tier 6 1 hour

    At least then the lower players can just heal thru it while waiting for someone to possibly cleanse them. But under level 10, deaths have no penalty anyway... however the tiered duration does allow someone to get used to dealing with them as they level.

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    Default Re: New Poison stuff, good and bad!

    I think the poison should make use of the antidotes , but I don't agree with the times for lower tiers. It's game-breaking even and Guaran's suggestion is reasonable. Losian is right some people can be left in the cold and dealing with the effects may demoralize people from playing the game. There is a possibility of that. There should be something sold by imperial vendors for the lower tiers but higher tiers should be able to get help from fellow players. Maybe even the tavern suggestion by Losian is a good idea to encourage more use to taverns give more purpose to them.

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    I think this has been addressed with the Healers that are now present in most major cities including New Trismus.
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