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    Smile New starry sky

    Hello players!

    I found a mod that gives players the old sky and stars. And i thought that the current starry sky gives me a feeling of a photo of far galaxies and for me it is not really fit to the universe of Istaria so i thought i make a starry sky for myself, a similar one i saw in an other mmo, but that feeling what this type of stars gives me a bit better than the current one. I like the current one too don't get me wrong just in my opinion Istaria is a bit more that fantasy world than the real world so I just thought it would fit to the world better.
    It is more nicer with the old sky though.
    Here are the examples and the files:

    I also made a new moon too but the glow has some problem when the game converts back to agh. So in the game the moon's glow too sharp instead of soft.
    I shared it if the devs may like it and want to add it to the game one day or you other players want to use it.
    Hope i could help a bit.

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    I forgot to tell that you just need to place the .agh files into the resources_override folder. That is all
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    Link doesn't work.
    Go find Chain icon (click on file or folder first) that says "Get sharable link" that should be it.
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