As the days get colder, citizens of the Empire begin preparing for the celebrations and general survival of the long, cold months ahead. However, this winter is different… the temperature drops sheerly out of nowhere, hitting below zero in a matter of days. Everywhere but the hottest regions in the world is blanketed in a coat of snow.
To make matters worse, treants angrily march out of the forests, attacking settlements and destroying the stockpiles of firewood! These are not the only angry monsters out there, however… mysterious presents have been spotted in the wild, bright and shiny in their holiday wrapping.
Every time someone has run after these mysterious presents, they have not returned.

The weather is not getting warmer. If anything, it’s getting colder. An abnormal winter is out of the question; something worse is at hand here. Something is forcing these treants into action and unleashing these mysterious killer presents, but what?

  • From the 20th of December till the 21st of February, the world of Istaria will be overhauled for a Winter Event Special.
  • This event will take place on the Live Shards. (Chaos & Order)
  • Malluira is lending her knowledge of these strange happenings to any gifted willing to listen in Bristugo.
  • The first 3 quarters will have little Event GM involvement, but it all culminates into a Blight Event on the 18th of February



  • The new mimics added in the event, sadly, due to how their regions are set up, have the uncanny ability to survive underwater. This is not something that can be fixed in a short amount of time, but their spawns reset every maintenance.
  • The winter effect can be easily removed by any player because of a new file structure; any event files related to changing the world will be in the ‘Resources_Event’ folder.

You can comment on the forum thread here: http://community.istaria.com/forum/s...Hours-of-Frost