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    Lightbulb * ...::: Welcome all Beginner Lairshapers :::... *

    Good Morning, Evening and Blessed Night to All where ever you may be at this present time

    I just recently planned out a full T1 Lair in Acul.

    Now.... I am not exactly interested in actually, leveling my Lair-shaping as it really does irritate me so, as my current level still sits at 35 (as of sometime 2 years ago X.X) LOL

    But I know that Double XP is upon us and we know it won't last forever

    So..... My perms are set to allow all because I know that everyone needs a leg up sometimes If you do not own a lair, do not have access to your type of tier level or you are just tired of trying to simply level of imbued bronze bars etc etc ..... Know that until whenever, because whenever these days might even be forever, my door is indeed open for your craftsmanship Make yourself at home, no need to let me know, I'm sure every now and again I will be seen doing a little work on it here and there.

    Cords for Location are 276.351 (for those who read cords) for the rest who just like directions Port to Acul, the lair sits directly behind the pad and portal atop a small hill, accessed via a smaller hill leading to a snow bridge and across you go (for those who cannot fly just yet)

    Happy Trails

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    Default Re: * ...::: Welcome all Beginner Lairshapers :::... *

    1st Floor Completed

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    Default Re: * ...::: Welcome all Beginner Lairshapers :::... *

    Lair Sold. No Longer Available.

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