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Thread: Where does thy humor ly?

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    Red face Where does thy humor ly?

    It's a Beautiful Morning in Istaria.
    Ideally, you awaken from your from comfy bed or lair and stretch out. And out of no where, POW!!!

    Lights Out!!!!

    (a) You open your eyes and see Valkor running towards you waving your toothbrush!

    (b) You open your eyes and see Reklar in the Tail-whip stance with your underwear on his head!

    (c) You open your eyes and see Fafnir playing dodge-ball with an Enraged Radiant Wisp in your bedroom!

    (d) You open your eyes and see a Skeleton trying to use your epic (weapon) the wrong way!

    (e) You open your eyes and see SoG wearing a cooks apron holding a giant spatula next to your bed!

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    (e) for sure, i don't know why but the answer for me will be (e).

    look for Pierrott on the forums for the active profile

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    personally if I were in it as well, it would be (b) for me

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    (f) I see the Myloc Queen trying to work the klava maker... and it's hard to tell which is causing the other more damage.

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    As Epi is an Ice dragon from his colors it would half to be A Only thats not my tooth brush I have enslaved 5 gnomes and 3 dryads to pick all the dead carcasses out of my mouth. Sometimes they get lost but i always find them in 8 or so Hours .
    Face forward and you should be able to hear it now the only thing plugging your ears is your own fear. There is only one enemy and one of you so what is there to be afraid of ? Abandon your fear turn and face him, Don't give an inch. Now advance Never stop If you retreat you will age Be afraid and you'll die NOW SHOUT OUT YOUR NAME !!!

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