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    Default Now guess...

    Who is crazy enough... face icy dire wolves..

    ..and the polar wilderness..

    ..who would want to morph into an icy buck.. just put up an istarian banner..

    ..on the arctic circle..

    The first correct answerer gets 100 snowballs! Small hint. It isn't me

    Istaria Lexica | Istaria Reference

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    Lov and Flame, since no one is trying
    Death points are temporary, Glory is forever!
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    *Throws a snowball*

    You win!

    Istaria Lexica | Istaria Reference

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    Snowballs for free - all live long - for You Ceg
    We came back from our artic trip 3 days ago,
    with impressions in our hearts and heads we never expected to have in rl.
    Only Istaria can compare^^: The Frozen Wastes, Kira, Frostwatch, Winters Peak...

    Ceg, find another little reward in pm.
    Flameus Nimrod: 100/100/100/100 Lupussan Nimrod: Adventure Rating 278 - Crafting Rating 234 GMC

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    Oh, thanks for the bonus pics! You should post those too (Thanks for first 'dibs'). So many cool colors, almost looks like they should belong in game somehow

    For a minute, I thought I was looking at game pics instead of real life pics.

    Really awesome of you two to even think about flippin' up a Isatria 'scroll' while in the Artic. I love it, you two are some die hard Istarians, we appreciate you two

    and you too, of course Elteria, thanks for posting and your continued support with Lexica wiki (I know it ain't free).

    I love the 'icy dire wolf' pic,; he looks like putty in lov's arms. haha. Mesmorize VI.
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    Death points are temporary, Glory is forever!
    Need game info? Try: Istaria Reference (Info and Links to other resources)

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    Always welcome

    Istaria Lexica | Istaria Reference

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