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    Question Crystalshaping

    Hi all,

    I am just starting crystalshaping so I was hoping you great minds could give me some tips on the best/fastest way to level it. I have taken lairshaping to lvl 60 already if that makes a difference.

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    Hi! I just finished getting DCRS to 100 myself and it wasn't too terrible (granted it was double xp time). You're starting out in better shape than me since your DLSH is higher than mine was lol. Anyways, what you want to do is process azulyte to lvl DCRS. That's it. Since you're at 60 lairshaping you can get away with using t3 azulyte (amber I believe) to start with and you'll rocket through the early lvls. I'm not sure what shard you play on, but I used the Titan Mine public crystalshaper for both amber and titan azulyte. If you can, get some crystalshaping scales with power for a base. A tool claw will help you too. You can easily make a mithril one and slap crystalshaping V on it along with a slot for a travel crystal and a stat crystal if you like.
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    Thanks BrightCat. I am on Chaos - should have mentioned that sorry. I have a tool claw but I do need to get some teched scales made.
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