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    I used to follow this game back before it was released, writing weird fan-fiction for it when it was known as Horizons. lol

    I decided I was in the mood for an old-fashioned online rpg, so I signed up for a month to see what this offers. Seems pretty good for its age and revolutionary in a few areas, but is the userbase depressed? Not compared to other games necessarily, but in terms of how it's gone in previous years.

    Doesn't really matter because I'm a bit of a solo hermit anyways.

    You can probably guess my character's race by his name. Dragons seem cool, and appear to be the focus for many players, but I'm not really interested in the race for the moment. Gnomes look funny running around with their epic beards, and spectacles anyway.

    If you see me around at anytime, feel free to say hi.

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    Cool! :3 Glad to see other players online - not very many anymore, sadly.

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    Welcome back to Istaria, Order or Chaos??
    Its not a big userbase but the community is awesome.

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    I'm Order, since I'm an immersion type. Don't do much roleplaying myself, but it's fun to see others about doing their thing when they're around.

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    welcome to order then.

    It can be a bid lonely especially during European day time. If you get stuck or need help let us know. We are a very helpful bunche especially on new player chat.

    see you around.

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