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Thread: The Old Trismus Mod

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    Default The Old Trismus Mod

    A mod made possible with help from Guaran and Tilithia. Thank you both!

    This mod restores New Trismus to its original state before the Aegis attacked it! It is not perfect and some textures still linger and there are mismatches in the terrain outside of town, but this is unavoidable.

    Install Instructions:
      \istaria\world_cache\<yourshard>horizons\sector_90 85.def
      \istaria\world_cache\<yourshard>horizons\sector_91 17.def
    2. Move sector_default.def into \istaria\world_cache. Overwrite anything within.
    3. Move the terrain folder to \istara\world_cache\<yourshard>horizons. Overwrite anything it asks you to.
    4. DELETE the original sector_9085.def and sector_9117.def files in \istara\world_cache\<yourshard>horizons. Then move the sector files from your respective shard's folder in the mod folder to the location you just deleted those files.
    5. Load into Istaria!

    - Guaran, for supplying the old sector and terrain files!
    - Tilithia, for figuring outo how to erase the broken buildings without a hotkey!

    Download Link:

    Special notes:
    - The repaired buildings are no-collide. This means you cannot sit on them. Modders with enough experience will know how to change this, but I've done this on purpose so people cannot float in front of new players' eyes and make the game look broken. Anything that isn't broken in the main game still collides.

    - If you do not back up your files, you cannot revert this mod. It will not work in resources_override.

    - Mark sector_default.def as read-only or else it will be overwritten with every patch.

    - Every so often, the terrain will revert to Blight in New Trismus. Simply replace the 91_29 and 92_29 folders again and relog.

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    Default Re: The Old Trismus Mod

    Great work Racktor! Nothing will tickle me more than knowing I could experience a tiny piece of NT, all over again.
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