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Thread: Dragon heads. What do you call them?

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    Default Dragon heads. What do you call them?

    First, for reference, here are images:

    1 and 2:

    3 and 4:

    5 and 6:

    7 and 8:

    9 and 10:

    (Those aren't the numbers they have in character creation.)

    There are some common descriptive names, and those are welcome as side-notes, but the main purpose of this thread is to share the funnier, more esoteric names we think of them by.

    For example:
    1. The Saphiracktor
    2. The Malestryx But Also The Sssasha
    3. The Jstntron / A Pinecone
    4. The Slee / The Snaggleface
    5. The Lovwyrm / The Bobblehatchie
    6. The Callihan / The D&D Silver
    7. The Brysmendrik, Because No Player Uses It
    8. The Front Page Video Dragon
    9. The Tcei / The Crazy Pointy Dolphin Face
    10. The Maekrux / The Ever-Popular
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    Default Re: Dragon heads. What do you call them?

    Here's what I personally call them in the order listed above with some reasoning for why I call 'em that.

    1. Fin-head (for obvious reasons)
    2. Rex-head (they look a bit like a T-rex with extra horns)
    3. Crested (with no actual horns, it's really the only name that makes sense to me)
    4. Snaggletooth OR Underbite OR Croc-head (this head is one of the easier ones to poke fun at and the names for it are very variable because of that)
    5. Big-noser (only head where the nose sticks out further than the teeth)
    6. Big-fin (the middle fin is almost big enough to qualify for a Jaws sequel audition and it's hilarious that this head would make a dragon one of the shortest ones at max height if you don't count the fin)
    7. Bulldog (this poor head... it's got so many problems in the model but hey... at least you can look like a very evil bulldog)
    8. Big-horner (biggest honking horns in diameter at least and really, they HAVE to be the defining feature especially when they're unique in the fact that the color despite the textures getting updated is still copied from another section of the face and you see that when masks are worn)
    9. Spiral-horn OR Corkscrew (these dragons would have no problem opening up a stubborn wine bottle)
    10. Tri-horn (Yes there's 6 horns total, but 3 on each side you see... don't question my methods)

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    Default Re: Dragon heads. What do you call them?

    1. The Finhead
    2. The Rexhead
    3. The Viper (I don't know why; it really doesn't look that much like one)
    4. The Snaggletooth / Piranhaface (after my character Malestryx's old nickname for the character Slee, who uses this head)
    5. The Traditional Dragon
    6. The Whale
    7. The Bulldog
    8. Scaled Horns / The Grumpy Goat
    9. Twin Spirals / Hornados (as in horn + tornados, because they look like tornado funnels)
    10. The Crown of Horns


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    Default Re: Dragon heads. What do you call them?

    I like Raptress' names best so far. Geesh that bulldog head is ugly..

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    Default Re: Dragon heads. What do you call them?

    1. Fin head
    2. Rex head
    3. Doro or Jstn head (after my alt Dorokane or after Jstntron)
    4. Snaggletooth, underbite
    5. Fin-and-horns head
    6. Horse head or Tei head (after Teikera)
    7. Bulldog
    8. Mach's head or the big horn head
    9. Spiral horn head
    10. Tri-horn

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    Default Re: Dragon heads. What do you call them?

    Hahaha! I remember waaay back in the day I was able to play with the character names off and could recognize like 90% of the dragons by their scale color/head shape alone sad to say I cant manage that any more tho

    Also made my day to see someone remember me! *waves at Vaz*

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    Default Re: Dragon heads. What do you call them?

    1. Earfin head
    2. Blunt head
    3. Ridge head
    4. Underbite head
    5. Giant nose head
    6. Silver dragon head (because this)
    7. Orc head
    8. "That short head with the two really long horns"
    9. The silly face head
    10. Spike head

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    Default Re: Dragon heads. What do you call them?

    1. Earfin
    2. Rex (Honestly though, it looks more like a Carnotaurus head lmao. Even Carnotaurus have the little spikes in the front, near the eye. A T. Rex head is way too long and not curved enough.)
    3. Spear
    4. Croc
    5. Deer
    6. "Trike" / "Dibble" (Triceratops, mostly due to the sail similar to the ornament, and two horns, rather than three)
    7. Bulldog
    8. Dual-horn/two-horn
    9. Bird/curly-horn
    10. Tri-horn
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