Istara’s Chosen is a guild that has existed for multiple years on Order alone, but with the recent introduction of copy tokens, has expanded and taken a slice of Chaos, as well! So without further ado…

Introducing Istara’s Chosen!

We are a guild whose mission is simply to enjoy the game to its fullest. We are fully equipped to craft anything and everything our members (or the server) may need; we have at least two GMCs and two GMDCs in our ranks at the time of writing this and will likely gain more in the future!

We also enjoy a good hunt and most of us are experienced in epic hunting.

Planning out player-made events for both servers, primarily with an RP focus, is also an activity we like to try to organize as a guild, so if you have any ideas, we’ll likely be glad to hear you out.

Once you’re a member, we’ll drag you into our guild Discord!

Requirements for Membership

We aren’t a super picky lot with who we add and who we don’t. Leveled or not, dragon or biped, newbie or vet; it doesn’t matter. If you’re interested in joining us, feel free to hang out in our public guild chat named after the guild.

We are generally forgiving and willing to give people a chance but we do not condone drama mongering or exploiting. That’s a good way to get you kicked from the chat and/or guild.