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    Is there any update on how the new engine is coming along? It's been over a year since it was mentioned... any screenshots?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kerech View Post
    Is there any update on how the new engine is coming along? It's been over a year since it was mentioned... any screenshots?
    It has been mostly technical things, as mentioned us on the art team have been eagerly waiting to do our magic, so no screenshots or anything, yet.
    The schedule might be tight, but there is always time.

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    I've thought a little about the proposed portal changes. I logged into blight, checked out the bristugo rings and then ported to kion. Other than 1 or 2 destinations with a higher price, everything looked the same.. From my understanding, a regional hub idea is being proposed.

    If that hub system would work like this: King's Cross -> Dalimond (region hub) -> Spire's Trail... Meaning all porters in a region only go to that regions' hub, then I can say that isn't going to be liked, at all. This is what I envision when I hear about a Spoke pattern for the teleports, if I have misunderstood, please clarify.

    We can keep the big hubs we currently have in Bristugo and Genevia. I still think those hubs can be a single teleporter ring to all the destinations they currently have spread out, or at max 2 main rings, with one being the mainland destinations like Dralk, Dalimond, Morning Light, etc. and the second being "Islands" so Saritova, Shepherd's Mountain, Trandalar, Scorpion Island, Genevia, Abandoned Island, Falathien, Isle's of Fire and Ice, Drakul, Serenity, Aedan, Three Sisters. Same idea for Bristugo. To balance number of destinations, since I haven't counted up how many are on islands and how many aren't, Trandalar and Lerena could be moved to the mainland ring if needed.

    Specialized destinations would remain as-is, such as Pool of Teeth, Peak of Storms, Elnath, Alged, Dahibi, Corvus, Talinis, Balit's, Werewolf Island, Dralnok's Doom, Rift, Fiery Rift, Wedding Grounds, etc.

    My thoughts are that all portals in a "region", function as hubs for that region. So in dali-chiconis area, all portals will have all destinations in this region as available options. So in the above scenario I simply port from King's Cross -> Spire's Trail. So it's more of a web, than spoke layout. And these portals can also have more destinations, maybe the guild and those currently named as settlements. Those listed will have increased value as plots. Perhaps even have all "Mainland" rings contain all "Mainland" destinations, same for all islands. So the only time I need to take 2 ports vs 1 to get someplace, is if I port from Last Stand -> Bristugo -> Saritova for example. Bristugo has the 2 rings, so does Genevia. I think this would be generally welcomed.

    Some of the Island outgoing rings would function as mini-dual hubs, that contain the islands plus mainland guilds and settlements too. To allow single port travel to settlements and guilds that we currently have.

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    Ive gotten used to the multiple gates in Bristugo and rather then having to scroll thru a long list on one gate, prefer the multiple gates.

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    Please don't change them again..
    I was just getting where I could navigate them..
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