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    Hi everyone! I played this game probably two years ago and have decided to give it a try again. I work quite a bit and am looking for a casual MMO to play and enjoy while not spending 10 hours a day grinding. I think I played a Gnome before....but can anyone tell me about the subscription optiions? Why are there so many. If I pay for the Land Owner access, does that include a subscription, or is that ON TOP of a subscription which you would have to buy? I am very confused.

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    Check these out
    You can start with a Basic Access and upgrade to a plot/lair access at any time.
    Best to go with (if you want a plot/lair) the 6 month or 12 month property holder access, if you want to save some money.
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    basic access and property holder access are both subscriptions, property holder one allows you to get one plot/or lair to build/live on.

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    Hello and welcome back!
    I think Dacurly and Smaug already explained everything pretty well but i suppose it doesn't hurt to have SOME repetition

    Basic Access is just that- a basic subscription. It will allow you to have 5 character slots and unlimited gameplay/level gain for one month. However, with a basic subscription you are not able to buy a "plot" that is, a player owned piece of property where you can build your own houses, machines, etc.

    Property Holder access, however, lets you do everything you can do on basic with the addition of the permission to buy and use a plot.

    Both subscriptions can also purchase "upgrades", which i would have to look at the list to tell you exactly whats available, but its things such as additional character slots or adding on property access.

    I hope all that rambling answers your question, and I hope to see you in the world of Istaria whenever you have a chance

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