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Thread: Going idle.

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    Default Going idle.

    the time has come to do a pause on istaria. After two years of being very active I'm kind of burned out.

    Don't worry on the Lexica, the site will stay online of course!


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    Come back anytime. I love your plot in Meadowhill btw.

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    Take care, brother. Hope to see you back one day
    Death points are temporary, Glory is forever!
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    *serves elteria a tall glass full of klava presented with a towel and a curtsy, for sustenance while away*
    hope you come back refreshed, sooner rather than later!

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    Peace to you Elteria. Best wished on your travels. Hope to see you again somewhere sometime

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    Enjoy your time off. get lots of rest. Game will still be here when you decide to return. Thanks for all your help and support

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    Default Re: Going idle.

    Best wished on your travels.

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