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Thread: EU Players are you ok ?

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    Default EU Players are you ok ?

    This post might be moved ( Hope not but i know its not supposed to go in General )

    I know a lot of our EU Players and did battle with them by my side , Reaching out across the pond and making sure there alright after the terrorist attack . 21 thousand people where in one area and subway ...

    Sound off EU Players Let us know you still are with us Let us know the blight has not gotten you .
    Face forward and you should be able to hear it now the only thing plugging your ears is your own fear. There is only one enemy and one of you so what is there to be afraid of ? Abandon your fear turn and face him, Don't give an inch. Now advance Never stop If you retreat you will age Be afraid and you'll die NOW SHOUT OUT YOUR NAME !!!

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    Default Re: EU Players are you ok ?


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    Default Re: EU Players are you ok ?

    *heart goes out to all affected by the attack*

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    Default Re: EU Players are you ok ?

    As one of the EU Devs my heart goes out to all those affected.

    I will have to move the thread to general off topic post though, I hope you understand.
    The schedule might be tight, but there is always time.

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    Default Re: EU Players are you ok ?

    no, we are not normal)))

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    Default Re: EU Players are you ok ?

    we are not normal)

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