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    Default Master Builder & Grand Master Crafter

    Master Builder & Grand Master Crafter Guide

    Newly Revised
    Guardians of Valor

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    Default Re: Master Builder & Grand Master Crafter

    Good guide with the basics for info, simply layout and understandable.

    I think however that starting with a gathering and high profession school is better then starting out with one basic school. this is because of gathering efficiency. you don't want to stay on one steel ore to long. and with a gathering profession you are a head of your training and with a basic profession you are behind. Also you get to higher materials earlier and the end level is much higher. But its two school not one to build up. That is however my personal opinion.

    However What is really lacking is how the different skill interactions and the consequences of that. This is a very important part for efficient levelling of craft. I think this should be ad least mentioned.

    By example. Its most efficient to level I think to train first miner and weapon smith to 100. then you can use those level 100 giving 1000 skill in smiting and smelting and 1100 in mining to create mithril plate from start. Effectively you can then get for 1 hours work, the first 30 levels., much faster then when you would have don it on bronze and then iron. There are lots and lots of these type on interactions, which all have to be aligned to get the largest effect.

    When i have some time I will write my thinking and experience on this up in an other guide. I had 6 month to think on this an d figure it out.

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    Default Re: Master Builder & Grand Master Crafter

    These Guides are simply, Guides, nothing here is set in stone.
    Every player is different and they have their own ideas on how they would like to do things.
    Guardians of Valor

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    Default Re: Master Builder & Grand Master Crafter

    Definitely do not take Miner to 100 first, or Weaponsmith to 100 first. 100 Miner reduces exp from processing metal by about 20%.

    Take these first:
    Blacksmith -> 100
    Outfitter -> 100

    Then take these classes to the specified levels. Order is up to you:
    Armorer ->91
    Alchemist -> 91
    Weaponsmith ->91
    Miner -> 80
    Tinker -> 80
    Jeweler -> 91
    Fletcher -> 91
    Tailer -> 91
    Gatherer -> 80
    Spellcrafter -> 91
    Scholar -> 100
    Carpenter -> 91
    Fitter -> 91
    Enchanter -> 91
    Mason -> 91
    Weaver -> 91

    Then finish these schools to 100, again, order is up to you:

    Lastly, finish these to 100, leaving Miner for last:

    Confectioner can be done at any time, but doing it after gaining some gathering skill is best.

    Why stop some schools at 91? That is the level at which those schools will start exceeding the base processing skills gained by 100 Blacksmith/Outfitter.

    Even though the overall exp nerf of having a high processing skill is only about 4% (20% exp loss, and processing is typically only about 20% of the overall exp when leveling a school), when you are leveling 19 schools, gathering several million resources to do so, 4% is not insignificant. And when leveling a school by doing nothing but processing, the nerf is 20%, which is very significant on an already slow process.

    What situation might someone want to level off just processing? Say you level spellcrafter (slowly) to 100 making just orbs. Then you can do Enchanter in a day by using all those orbs up. And you get to skip worrying about making spellshards. I haven't timed it one way vs the other, but leveling on a single resource fits best with single stack, higher bulk cargo disks. Leveling spellcrafter by actually making spells is far faster than just making orbs, and can be efficiently done with a single stack disk, if you have some storage you can use to save the shards while you go out and gather the orbs. It's twice the gathering time, but more than double the exp.

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    Default Re: Master Builder & Grand Master Crafter

    Personally my preferred method is:

    100 Blacksmith
    100 Outiftter
    100 Scholar (can be done later if one has a dragon/other biped to go off)
    (85 to 90-ish Tailor should be done next if one wants to be self sufficient and doesn't have another biped to go off - the boost to tailoring is good for making craft suits.)

    80 to 90-ish Miner/Gatherer (so long as the salvaging skill remains the lowest skill you have) - around this point you can be near totally self sufficient and fast gathering, while also not damaging the rest of your crafts.
    Using all the stuff you make in miner/gatherer and then some, level to 100: Armorer, Weaponsmith, Fletcherer, Tailor if not already done, Spellcrafter, Alchemist, Jeweler. The order doesn't really matter.

    After this is done, get tinkerer, miner, gatherer to 100 (in any order, doesn't matter, but would suggest miner/gatherer to 100 first)
    Note: You can get tink/min/gath to 100 as soon as salvaging skill doesn't impact you- this is once armorer, weaponsmith, fletcherer, tailor and spellcrafter are at lv100. So technically you can get these 3 schools to 100 as soon as you finish those schools even if you didn't get alchemist up, for example.

    Confectioner can be done at literally ANY point, doesn't really matter, but would suggest doing it after gatherer 100 so you have maximum preparing skill.

    Doesn't really matter when you do the building schools so long as you stay sane gathering, BUT as there's no need for the salvaging skill and you need gathering boosts: i'd suggest doing them after you get 100 miner/gatherer so you can stay sane gathering t6 for the final few levels, and as min/gatherer 100 come close to last of the non-builder schools, this means building schools would be finished last.
    (On that note- you NEED t5 craft jewlery to be opt at t6 higher skill construction materials, so if you have a plot to build, you'll also want to level the construction schools after jeweler 80 to 100 ish.)

    That's roughly how I leveled it anyway, my general advice would be:
    So long as your salvaging skill doesn't exceed the skills used for deconstructing crafted items needed for leveling (e.g. tailoring skill for cloth tunics to level tailor) then just do whatever keeps you sane.

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    Default Re: Master Builder & Grand Master Crafter

    My thoughts and work out on fast levelling to become a biped crafts master.

    Things to keep in mind first and for all have fun, I had my fun by figuring this out while levelling.
    Did do it in the end in 52 days.

    1) Standard things
    Find a good place to craft. Preferably a T5 workshops close to a gate and one with a recall point close by and one with excess to storage and a bank on the plot. Last stand on order is shuts a place on oder ad the point of writing, Ask where you can find a plot like this. Its worth it in triple time.

    AS most of you crafting will happen here you will recall to this point very often and that limits the usefulness of cargo disk. Which are probably not that useful to you in the first place as you are in the levelling up face of the game. However you can use it if you speed not to low.

    Tools and weapons etc. you can get experience and materials back by deconstructing them. For this reason you donít want to increase you level in gathering and mining and tinkering to quickly.

    In case you run out of money tools are the best to sell. Try not to sell to much of one tool in one go 15 will do, try to find high-level player owned pawns brokers the pay better. Sell the best stuff you can make.

    Donít buy too much recipes of lower level the will become replaced by higher ones, once you get there. Also donít shrink on them but seven recipes ad journeyman level should be enough to get you to you first expert levels most starting levelling can just be done on tools.

    2) Choose of starting professions
    Why do I choose to go for weapon smith miner combo in the start and not black smith?
    The reason for it is many volt. The main being mining rates.

    Miner weapons smith gives you mining 11/level, smelting 10/level and metal working 10/level
    While blacksmith gives mining 7/level, smelting 9/level and metal working 8/level.
    This means that mining is mining is comparative 2 up to smelting and metal working, this means that you spend less time in the situation were a spend mining 1 ore at the time doing this for 5 levels long or longer is no fun and it feels as a relive when you get to 2 a hit.

    So by choosing mining and weapon smith I gain about twice as much resources for the same amount of mining. Levelling up twice as fast.
    Also because you get more skill per level 10 against 8 you can now create things ad a lower level giving you more experience for the same article.

    Thirdly you go higher with your skill so you end up more proficient when starting you cross levelling.

    The reason to start out with weapon smith is that most tools can be made By the weapon smith.

    I would recommend not to level mining up to the full 100 but to the level you but to the point you just can smelt mithril 2 to 1 that was for me level 94

    3) Mechanism of cross levelling
    A lot of school use the same skills and the same resources, this we can use to cross level a lot of professions and we can use it to use resources created by on to be used in the other. This is what we are going to use to our advantage. And this is the reason we only levelled up two schools to get the max on smelting and the max on metal working
    There are many path way you can walk through them and one will be better than the other. And Iím not saying that my suggestions will work perfectly, but they give the idee how to work with them.
    So looking at the table below we see we can make tools with black smith and use smelting on the armorer. SO the two Iím going to do is armorer levelling it up with smelting mithril and blacksmith using the mithril bars to make mithril tools. In this way I donít have to use any of the low level materials giving me low level experience. Then I can use the black smith the get my gatherer going. Also donít level gatherer one up to 100 but stop at the point you can make resources just effectively.

    On other point to this is for a couple of skills you canít get exp from creating the base resource. But you can use another school to make them and get the exp that way.
    Beware of levelling tinkerer too quickly to high level. This is for the same reason I didnít level gatherer and miner you gain points in salvaging. And thinker does this quicker than any other two professions but as long you keep the salvaging skill below 800 you should be fine and you can make does nice cargo gears with skills enchantments.

    Table of schools and skills
    Blacksmith a lot but low level (8/level)
    Outfitter a lot ad low level (8/level)
    Scholar a lot ad low level(8/level)

    Gatherer essence shaping lumbering preparing spinning paper making
    Miner gem working smelting stone working
    Alchemist essence shaping
    Armorer smelting Armor craft
    Fletcher Lumbering woodworking fletching
    Jeweller smelting gem working
    Spell crafter essence shaping stone working sculpturing spell craft
    Tailor spinning tailoring
    Weapon smith smelting metalworking weapon craft
    Tinkerer Smelting metalworking sculpting cloth working
    Confectioner Preparing
    Carpenter lumbering
    Enchanter essence shaping
    Filler smelting
    Mason stone working
    Weaver spinning

    There is on other interaction which is why I levelled confectioner last. As the confectioner needs a lot of different materials from different places. It is very adventitious to have a lot of storage. But you also need to level up you building skills. So If you are going to have a plot, by it early and train you skill on it building things you will later need and use. The thing I build for most is a grand guild hall and a t5 confectioner workshop and t5 storage houses. So I had enough storage to drop the all the components in I needed to create my end foods.
    4) A sequence that probably will work
    a) Level up weapon smith and miner up weapon smith to level 100 miner to where you can smelt mithril 2 to 1, if needed sell tools to create money
    b) Level up armorer of on smelting mithril and blacksmith op on creating tools, if you donít have money you will need to sell tools, for the next step and later steps, you will be out of pocket. Excess smelting can be used to train tinkerer on tools.( not higher then level 80)
    c) At this point you already want to buy a plot is you want to. Build ad least a expert confectionery and some store houses (T5) and put in you confectioner an expert caldron
    d) Level your gatherer up on wood which then can be used by you fitter.
    e) Finish the last of the levels of while training also you fletcher.
    f) Create spools and train your and tailor, use the spools to train you weaver
    g) train your outfitter first on spools (T5) can be used by either tailor of weaver of both, when these are finished you can probably make T5 products with the outfitter.
    h) Level scholar or spell maker op on bricks which then can be used by the mason
    i) Level scholar and spell maker and alchemist up on essence orbs which then can be used by the enchanter
    j) Level jeweller up on metal bars which then can be used by the tinkerer to level up on tools
    k) Finish of you levels see if there is some more cross talk left but at this point it start to diminish. It can be that you want to finish of miner and gatherer a bid earlier as the can only make base materials. But doing it to early will cost you exp.
    l) Now you can do you confectioner enjoy your new building and slaughter these levels also. If you didnít build one ask someone with an expert confectioner if you can borrow it for probably a week.

    ((( please comment on this as I probably will work this op as an guide, and please give any other reasoning for other idees, especially the one for start as blacksmith)))

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    Default Re: Master Builder & Grand Master Crafter

    I put the original document on dropbox, makes for easier reading, but it will be updated.

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    Default Re: Master Builder & Grand Master Crafter

    Like I said on my site as well as a reply to a post here, "Every player is different and they have their own ideas on how they would like to do things".

    I read thru your process Guaran, indeed I agree. However nothing is specified now in a practical order for schools and such after you get Blacksmith to Level 100. Since times have changed drastically within the past year or so, all schools in any order after your main 100 Craft is awesome for those having the goals to craft their butt off.

    I would however, yes keep a few classes for last such listed like you have. I have 2 bipeds behind my main GMC working their way up to these goals because this game wouldn't be much without its art of crafting.

    These days its hard to know what to really expect what a crafter will do. But blazing your own trail is how you learn. And thats what long term players that have been there done that are here for, to help and guide those who may not want to blaze their own trail, met quite a few so I know they exist.

    gkoster, no offense in all sincerity, this is the first I am seeing your name on one of my posts, ever. I read thru your guide workings as well. How long have you been crafting in istaria??? However not really the best question to be asking you anyways, to each his own way in this world, it is what it is.

    I know no one cares but I have a GMC Saris that levelled all master builder schools done in under 4 months, all 19 schools in under 7 months last year of 2016
    (in the time available for me to play)(as a guesstimate on time framing, Sun-Sat, 6hrs/day for 7 months, thats with a part time job, a family to take care and being a single mom)

    How did I do it? Using Korchaks GMC Guide that "used" to be on Istarias Ref. Not only that, for almost 90% of my levelling, I was working 1 on 1 with him thru the entire process and I never missed a beat on what I was supposed to do.

    Also, where it says in BOLD After 100 BLACKSMITH

    You will see that none of the classes have #'s infront of them which means there is no order in how you do them, they are all simply grouped by resource/material/school type, and one with a GMC or 2 or even 3, possibly one who has been around a bit would understand the Guide that has been laid out before you. Just throwing that out there so we're more clear on that, I have a pretty good idea that someone may have been confused hense all the "guide comments that follow this post".
    Guardians of Valor

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    Default Re: Master Builder & Grand Master Crafter

    Also, in case the word hasn't completely made it around town yet, we own the plot North West of the Portals in Bristugo. If you are ever looking to level your craft for master builder among a few other schools down the line, we have the plot for you that works.

    Expert Blacksmith Shop
    Expert Cloth Shop
    Expert Stone Shop
    Expert Scholar Shop
    Expert Wood Shop
    ( 2 ) T6 Silos ( 1 ) Public ( 1 ) ( Guild Storage )
    ( 1 ) Small Vault

    Expert Cauldron
    Expert Paperpress

    All sitting quite comfortably on a 50x40
    Guardians of Valor

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    Default Re: Master Builder & Grand Master Crafter

    Dear Kristelle Strongbone

    No offence given. An hopefully I don't give offence.

    I see how you are thinking If all say its true. I have all ready proven that one wrong already with the cargo disk. This one is not that easy to prove or disprove Un less some one can give me the formulas use for harvesting. working up the harvest and working up products and the relation with them to exp.

    But I have tried the way of Black smith first, because every one was shouting that that was the way to go. and may be that is true for the first 40 levels. after that I got into the situation that I would not get exp on making iron tools or I would not get any steel ore. I spend two weeks on double exp on that situation till I got to the end of steel even had two deliveries of 10000 ore. knowing the same think would happen again even worse on cobalt I went with my original plan. level up miner and weapon smith to level 60 and I didn't get any problems with cobalt I believe the first hit was already 1 or 2. and levelled up easy going after that. it was like a dream.

    So for the first 40 level probably blacksmith will work but change when you can make iron in 2 to 1 to miner/weapons smith. You will not have a hard time mining 5 levels ad 1 ore a hit or even 10 levels.

    And I say in bolt don't take blacksmith first to 100, take the combo miner/weapon smith.

    Also I had got the strong feeling that levelling first to level 80 isn't that help full. Go strait for level hundred ( except for miners and gatherer ( about level 94) and tinkerer go no higher then level 80. this because what you have to do ad 80 you have top repeat ad 100.

    AS for experience of for what i have written down is I became grand master crafts man in 52 days playing time that is the time from start of the character till master dom.

    For why I did write it down, there were no good manuals describing this process. the process of interlinking the professions in levelling up.

    I have to say because I level up crafting before levelling adventure. I couldn't enchant my gear. All what I had was what was available on the connies and then that wasn't much. So I can't account for changes that brings.

    I learned how to level op the crafts, Now being grand master I have to learn how to craft. These are different things.

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    Default Re: Master Builder & Grand Master Crafter

    thanks for that information on expert craft buildings I guess this is on chaos

    (especially because you don't know me, and I never have seen them)

    I'm oldin on order.

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    Default Re: Master Builder & Grand Master Crafter

    May I appeal to you all.

    I would like to get some information from all of you when crafting stuff on the lower levels

    I would like know when mining the total skill in mining/gathering and how much you got.

    I would like to know when smelting, spinning etc. what you total skill is, what your base skill is, what the exp is you got for 1 and how much you needed to make it.

    I would like for crafting simple objects like making tools when creating them, what you total skill is, what your base skill is, what the exp is you got for 1 and how much you needed to make it. and how much exp you got for disassembly and how much material you got back.

    I'm not really looking for extensive table but they are welcome, more for the odd here on each tool. I probably have the base formulas going for exp production, material used and recovery. but I need to be able to get base exp for number of objects.

    then I can go creasy on simulation. because doing this comparison in real live will be to time consuming and to much site tracking.

    even logs when having a crafting session is welcome.

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