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    Default plot access

    I lately created an alt. I can to my surprise to the conclusion that he couldn't access my plot.

    So I was looking in a way around this problem; and found guilds.

    created a guild, couldn't change name on it, but that is a side issue. But also couldn't invite my alt to the guild.
    No error messages five attempts with single and double name. no invite given. something is bugged here.

    So to get an alt excess to you plot the only way is to put him as friend, which can only be done on guild plot level. so in this way you exclude any one else from the plot.

    SO to make access a bid more logically and not having to find way's around I propose to change to plot excess to bid more usable, I would like to suggest the following:

    on each building you can set
    house hold (alts), guild, friends, and all: as Booleans (access/no access).
    each set separately and if allowed under one of the groups then allowed access.

    So if you set house hold and friends allowed and guild and all disallowed, a friend who is also a guild mate will be allowed access.

    and then on plot level set:
    If needed you can set also house hold ad plot level. ( for admin purposes)
    what are your friends, this will reduce the setting of friends and to use of memory
    and a possibility to change to either
    a change all for all the four groups
    a global setting on all four groups where have to check in the same category if you allowed in both to gain access

    Ideally it should be nice to have 2 or 3 groups of friends, but there are things in favour and against that.

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    Default Re: plot access

    To change the name of a guild from "starting guild #######" you need at least 5 members.

    I'm not sure what you're trying with inviting the alt but if you aren't logging both characters in at the same time, you won't be able to invite them to the guild because the game only recognizes that invites are sent when both the person sending the invite and the person receiving the invite are online. A workaround if you don't have two logins would be to invite a random person to your guild and have them invite your alt, then the person can leave if you just want a guild of you.

    I'm not overly enthused about how the plot permissions work either and would definitely be on board with an improvement to the system.

    But as-is the permissions for the plot override the permissions for individual structures. So if you want some structures to be open to the public and some structures locked for guild use only, you'll have to set the plot to open and the locked structures to guild. If you set the plot permissions to friend only, you automatically exclude everyone that isn't on the friend list from any structure, no matter what the building permissions are.

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    Default Re: plot access

    thanks Machaeon for you answer.

    I have with help created a household guild. Although this is not the way guilds are supposed to work its a workable work around.

    Also what i was proposing was not clear to all so I explain the same thing in a different way

    I proposing four groups.
    a) house hold
    b) guild
    c) friends
    d) all

    the house hold is basically all your alts that belong to your account and only those.

    guild are all members of a guild you have joined.

    the fiends group I want to divine ad plot level. so Ad plot level you tell which characters you consider to be your friends for plot access.
    just one list. easy to correct and update.

    all is all people playing Istaria on you server.

    how to set up access:

    for buildings machines connyes pawns bankers etc etc. you can set for each of these groups access allowens as (allowed or dis allowed)

    you can also set this ad plot level for each of the different groups again separately.

    if for one group both building and plot are set to allowed then the person is allowed. and no other group setting will change that.

    the mathematical check of allowens is:

    person allowed? = ( house hold on plot and household on building) or ( guild on plot and guild on building) or (friends on plot and friend on building) or (all on plot and all on building).

    in this way you can easily shut down access from plot level. but have fine tuning on building level.
    under normal condition this results in plot set to all allowed and each buildings fine tuned. but you can, because of a major reorganisation, shut down you plot to all for the reworking and then open it back up without having to reset all you settings.

    I know that this is a major reshuffle in the data base, and I would suggest to put on other or two (invisible) groups in for later use. But I think that all players will agree that this is much better way of organising plot allowens.

    please let her the in favour in against.

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    Default Re: plot access

    It sounds like to accomplish what you want, they would need to allow friends list settings on a per structure basis.

    Everything else you want can be accomplished with the system as it is. The friends list is plot wide.

    Now being able to assign both a guild only and friends to a plot or structure, just add your guild members to the friends list. Because guild only is just that, guild only.

    But maybe changing the permissions to instead of being only one choice possible, allow each to be selected, at both plot level and structure level. So you can choose to tick (x) Guild and (x) Friends at the plot level. Then on the main guildhouse, you only assign (x) Guild, but on your crafting shacks, you do both (X) Guild and (x) Friends. You can keep some personal silos set as (x) Deny All. Anything set to Deny All overrides any other selected choices at any levels. That behavior should stay.

    Adding the household isn't really necessary, the friends list can accomplish that. But some extra granularity wouldn't be a bad thing.

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    Default Re: plot access

    I personally would like:
    -All plots your account owns to automatically allow all of your characters to access, regaurdless of any other permission. E.g. Character A owns plot, plot is set to guild only, but Character B on the same account can access the plot even if they aren't in the same guild (as the all characters on account permission overrides all other permissions) (automatically meaning no extra permission option is needed)

    And then:
    -Allow multiple permissions to be set at once (i'm picturing guild/friends to be a common pairing- in which the friend list likely has alts + friends of the guild on it)
    -Add "friends only" to all individual structures (the friend list will still be changed at the level of the entire plot- so enabling friends only on say, your t6 silo, will allow everyone on the list specificied in the permissions window to access it.)
    -By extension, when ANY friends only permission is used (entire plot or individual structure) open the window where you can add to the 'friends' list - perhaps give an indication in a tutorial window that the friends list is plot wide. (because if you added a friends only permission to individual structures you'd still have to edit the friends list on the entire plot permission window - a pain in the backside - without this. to prevent confusion indication that the friends list is plot wide would be needed to prevent the most likely thought that "i opened this list on one structure so it will only apply to this structure")

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