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    Hello Players,

    A couple of months ago on Discord, we announced that some of the devs were looking at adjusting the lighting in the game. Example of lighting, is the light that emulates from a light post, street light, flames, etc.

    A good example, is some of the light posts along roads. They were mainly decorative, but didn't actually produce a very noticeable light source. If you walked up and pressed your nose against the post, you could see a very small amount of light on your face.

    To be more realistic, a light source should cause light to appear around the source at least several meters, including the ground and any characters.

    Some of us, with some free time have compiled a sample package for you to check out and maybe add some delight to your game playing experience. But it isn't fully complete. As is, I think it's a nice little addition, but you can be the judge of that. Perhaps you might tweak some values and produce even better effects. If you do, please share!

    Also note, the .zip, as is, is a steady light source. Inside some of the folders is another .zip file with the name "flicker" in it. This would cause a flickering effect of flames. Something else that can be looked at, if you wish (unzip the included .zip's with flicker in the name, to see those effects). But the .zip, as is, works.

    A couple of screenshots of before and after (left is before, right is after):

    The best way to test these is in the dark.

    There is a little bonus visual effect, but doesn't actually make a light source. Check out rays that appear at some of teleporter pads.

    To set your game to be complete night (and stay night a very long time, type /st 0 300000 in the chat bar (don't worry day/night timers resets back to normal your next login).

    Beware, some players may have disabled night/day (sun/moon) by turning environmentsystemEffects off. To turn it back on to normal, type /setpref environmentSystemEffects true

    Download: and unzip anywhere in your resources_override folder.

    Just note that we are still slowly moving to Unreal, that this won't be a huge investment of time (better spent with that). But at least, in the meantime, we can still teach an old dog new tricks
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    Default Re: Lighting Mod

    This is awesome xD Have you managed to get around the maximum light source limit? (i cant try it right now)

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    Yes, all of this was done by just changing certain values in the .def files. Some things are quirky. A light source that you can see in the distance might completely turn off once you are very far away. There is a float loadDist value , I believe it is capped after a certain point, regardless of how high you change the integer. I haven't played with it in a month or so, so a bit foggy on that aspect.

    Getting a foolproof smooth transition is difficult. Likely the reason everything is how it is now in the game (nothing extreme).

    The wooden light posts in Dalimond use attach_generic_light01_firelight.def . So if you wanted to try to play with one file, that'd be the one.

    To see what files other light sources are used, do /setpref developer true to make the object selectable (if it's not selectable). Type /printprops in chat bar. attach [string] = "filename.def" will display to show what file is controlling the specific object.

    Unless there was some nice balance to where things don't flip from all on to all off, then it likely wouldn't be added to the game. This is really more of a demonstration, so don't expect this super incredible, non-flawed lighting
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    Added light source for all wisps (not residue). Steady light for regular wisps, flickering light for Fire Wisp and Blighted Wisps.
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    It looks VERY GOOD

    Great job
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    Thank you very much Ceg.
    What a nice gift for the community-
    and for those who can see better with a little more light in the dark:-))
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    This is great! Thank you.
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    If I type /st 0 300000 in the the chat bar it tells me that there is no command or macro called "st".
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    Default Re: Lighting Mod

    Do you maybe have a Commands_Player.def in resources_override? It comes with the original ancient mod and some other old mods.

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    The lighting system has been revamped on recent Blight Client update:

    Many files has been updated to take advantage of this feature.

    If you have this lighting mod, please delete it from your resources_override and check it out with new client (use patch to Blight from launcher).

    Some things might still need reviewed/revisited regarding resources that might've inherited some of the lighting. There will still be some more tweaks coming very soon.

    Note the Light Mod is now deprecated and future updates to lighting system will be patched from launcher.

    Tip: type /st 0 30000 in chat bar to make it turn night time.

    Sneak Peek of Bristugo at Night:

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