Hi All,
Up until last Saturday July 08 I have been running Istaria on a Asus P5E3 X38 mobo with 8gb ram and Intel 8400 cpu and a ATI Radeon ICEQ 6850 video card 1gb ram. I bought that system in 2008 and it was overkill for Istaria back then. As with the older systems I had since playing Istaria, I always bought ATI graphics cards and I always got 20-30 fps in the game. Most times when creating an item my fps would drop to 10-15 fps with the window open. I have had many issues with that over the past few years.
I now have a new mobo. Asus Z270 TUF Mark 1 with 16gb ram and Intel i7-7700K cpu, I decide to go with Nvidia this time. I bought the Nvidia GeForce GTX1060 6gb ram and WOW what a difference!
My fps went up to 80-116 in most areas. and only dropped to 66-80 in a few areas i did visit. (I will explore more later). I can now run through Harro at 100 fps solid as opposed to 10-15 on the ATI card. In the create item window my fps are from 80-112. (watch out for the crafting now lol)
I will never go back to ATI again lol
I do believe Istaria will be a lot more fun for me from now on