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    Hello all

    Please call me Blite. I played Istaria several years ago on Chaos, and just recently got back into the game (and dragged a friend with me, no less). I only played briefly (if a month or two is brief, anyways :P) on Chaos back then, though i've always loved Istaria and its crafting system. My main dragon back then was a blue-and purple hatchie, though I never progressed to the point of ascension. I've always very much enjoyed roleplay, and I now play on Order, where my friend and I subject our little hatchies to all manner of torment and misfortune, haha.

    I'm an artist and writer in my free time, and especially enjoy drawing monsters of all kinds. You can find me in Order on Belthyr

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    Greetings. welcome to Order.

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    Welcome back to Istaria, and to Order!
    Tamlis Askereth, Saris, Order
    Thorncloud Moonskimmer, Dragon, Order

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